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Times Like These

Written By: Allan Phillips

It ain't hard to understand
Things have gotten out of hand
Standards that made us strong have been abandoned

Gold is something we now buy
To catch a lover's eye
While our currency hasn't a leg to stand on

A voice inside calls out "Beware!"
We print money from thin air
Those who come behind will reap what we have sowed

I'm not the smartest man
Even I can understand
The day must come to pay back what we owe

Times like these
Make me look up
And wonder what will be
Times like these
Will bring us to our knees

We'll tear apart our world
Just so our boys and girls
Drive SUVs to be safe from statistics.

There's disaster straight ahead
Even though we might be dead
Our children's children's children will not miss it.

And their greatest enemies
Will not be overseas
They stare back at us above our bathroom faucets.

If we could see them now
We'd do our best to say somehow
"We had it all. We had it all. Then we lost it."


My generation says
You can save yourself instead
Of owning up to your own part in what we're facing.