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Allan Pray is a 28 year old singer songwriter/composer who has spent the last several years in Southern California using a variety of stringed classical instruments to write and record a wide variety of programmatic music projects. He's devoted full albums to such topics as the Wildlife of the Arctic Tundra, Modern Hopi and Aztec Religion, and his older Sister's Wedding Day. Released this summer, Pray's album "Race: The Portrait of a Town" is an extensive and intimate portrayal of an elaborate miniature town he discovered his mother had built in her attic. Called "lovely and ethereal" by The Cincinnati Enquirer and "an amazingly pleasant listen" by Each Note Secure "Race" has already been featured in several of Cincinnati's major publications.

Last year Allan returned to his home town of Cincinnati to begin performing his music with a 9 piece string ensemble of Cincinnati's College-Conservatory of Music. This ensemble, along with Allan's own brother and sister have performed his "chamber-folk" music around Cincinnati in events such as the Mid Point Music Festival, the Classical Revolution, and Fall Folk at the Public Library.


1. Tam O'Shanter Remembers The Day

2. Horseshoe Trail [EP]

3. Race: The Portrait Of A Town

4. Selected Works, c. 2011 (Unreleased)