Straight out of Philly, born and bred, I provide you that real feel good music. Music that not only talks of lifes circumstances but of ways to uplift yourself after coming across the corruptness of this world.


Born and raised in Philadelphia, Allison Burton AKA Allazae, has been singing since the age of five. Allazae was raised in Logan and has been residing in the Germantown area for the last seven years. Since the age of seventeen she has been pursuing a career in music.

She has been spotted performing at numerous open mics throughout the tri-state area. Now she's realizing her dreams on her own terms with her first album, The Life. It's been a long road for Allazae, but it's her powerful voice- a bell-like instrument whose soaring clarity is topped off with a tantalizing touch of soulful grit -that's carried her through, not to mention the diminutive singer's personal combination of sugar, spice, sass and sex appeal, along with a solid-steel spine.

Allazae’s talent, personality, and faith have won her fans and supporters within the notoriously picky entertainment industry since she was a young girl. As an artist her main goal in the music industry is not only to be vocally recognized but also to share with the world her lyrical talent. Her lyrics, voice and persona only portray the truth about life and what’s really going on in the streets.

Allazae hopes to one day touch people on a global level with her music in hopes it will help soothe the pain of those hurting and living in the struggle, we call life, now. Allazae is passionate about providing inspiration to young girls, and young people in general, who come from troubled backgrounds.

"I want to be an example for young people, especially growing up in the 'hood, because it's already hard enough to try to stay focused with multiple distractions in the neighborhood.”
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Allazae Burton (215) 715-0195


Standing Alone

Written By: Allazae'

I'm standing in this world alone.
Out here on my own.
Tryna keep from turning cold.
I stand in this world alone.

I never thought that this is what life is like. So many friends yet still there's nobody by my side. Doing what I can to keep them near. Yet ending up hurt and lost in tears. Still alone I push my feelings to the side. When I should be what comes first in my life. I wish I would've took the time to realize. Relying on them was just a big waste of my time

Now it's time to learn to love me 1st. Only catering to my own hurt. No more caring bout how bad you feel. It's always bout self lets just keep it real. Bout time somebody told the truth. If shit go down I bet i won't see you. It's my time now, cause....

All my life I taught myself to be a soldier. noone tried to guide me throughout all these years. And now that I've grown so much older. I've learned to stand above my fears. It seems like the world is against me. Tryna break me then make me. It's startin' to mess with my soul. I guess that's what's turning me so cold.



Standing Alone
What Happened?
Could You Be

Set List

Hot to Def
Standing Alone
Could You Be
What Happened
30 min set

I can do plenty more but that's the normal for the talent showcases I have performed in.