All But Screaming

All But Screaming


ABS delivers passionate guitar driven melodies and 3 part vocal hooks. Lyrics deal with true-life struggle that bring love and hope to a dark, striving generation. ABS influences include newer-Silverchair, Switchfoot, Lovedrug, to heavier bands-Incubus, The Used and Blindside.


Lead man David Lunsford made his debut with the release of his solo EP, "Desperate Silence", in the fall of 2000. Desperate Silence received rave reviews and with the hit single “Breathe Away” playing on full rotation on nationally known Effect Radio. “Breathe Away” was the most requested of any Indie band in the history of the station.

All But Screaming was formed in Montana's Flathead Valley in 2002 when David sought out other musicians to join him on a full time basis. The current lineup is as follows: David Lunsford, Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar sings with such passion that you would think he is having a seizure. His vocals will haunt you with emotion bringing the audience to the point of simultaneous tears and laughter. His brother Shane Lunsford Bass/Vocals plays with such authority and drive that it will shake the deepest part of you, the dread locked swinging stage show will pummel you to the floor with soaring backing vocals. Josh Misener Guitar / Vocals weaves screaming vocal melodies with distorted delay and spacious wonder as if painting a masterpiece on a canvas of sound. Jake Niederhauser, Drums, pounds out grooves that are so huge and nasty that he should be punished. How such speed, and earth jarring, cataclysmic clamor can be contained in one human beings execution is beyond comprehension. One must experience this first hand to fully understand. All have been involved with bands in the past and countless studio recordings.
The band, not limited to specific settings, has played 200 + shows from 2003-06 to a wide range of listeners from Clubs to High Schools in support of their 2003 released full-length album,” Maybe They’re Right”. In June of 2004 ABS packed up their gear and moved to the Midwest to be closer to larger cities such as Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis, etc. They have played alongside of such acts as Silvertide, Kings X, Shortbus, 10 Years, Home Grown, Jani Lane (Warrant), Kids in the Way, Stephen Pearcy, Dizmas, Stroke 9 and more, receiving an amazing response along the way.
2006 has launched ABS to the next level. In April ABS competed against 200 other bands at the XMG Music Showcase in Chicago in front of major labels Island/Def Jam, TVT, and Jive and taking 1st place in the process. From there they went on to take 1st place in the Veishea Battle of the Bands at Iowa State University later that month to 3000 plus attendees. Currently ABS is in the top 3 running for the Cornerstone Music Festival New Band Showcase, and have already been awarded a spot at this years Sonshine Music Festival.
ABS is currently storming the Midwest supporting their freshly released EP “If Beauty Comes At All” and a brand new single "Build It Up". ABS is already writing new materials as they pursue the future with high expectation.



Written By: David Lunsford / All But Screaming

Step outside into the dark
Feast your eyes upon the stars
Beauty comes from falls
And beauty comforts all

If this is suffering then let me suffer it

I must have dreamt a million dreams before I fell asleep
But now all this seems so real
Beauty comes from falls
If beauty comes at all

If this is suffering then let me suffer it

Build It Up

Written By: David Lunsford / All But Screaming

Your eyes speak love to me
I’ll never be lonely again
Your lips breathe love through me
I’ll always feel lovely

Whenever you’re around I feel so real
The way you make me feel is so surreal

Build it up, make it strong, don’t let go
Until you’re big enough to hold love by the throat
And when you’re strong enough to go out on your own
You’ve gotta build it up, build it up
Come on and build it up

You’re hands feel like water
Keep pulling me under again
You’re love like a fountain
I’m head over mountains

Please don’t go home yet
My heart isn’t ready to give up and quit

Silver Seas

Written By: All But Screaming

Silver Seas

I’ve got a fire within
Some kind of distant emotion
I’ve got a burning for life
I’ll pick up my handguns and my pride
You’ve got a poise for love
You’ve got what every man dreams of

I’ve got a dying dream of a silver sea
It’s so perfect, it makes me feel criminal
All of my distant shores have become ignored
You’re so perfect
Make me perfect

I’m not a slave to fear
I’ve got my fists up in the air
I’ve got a burning for life
I’ll pick up my six shooters and my pride
You’ve got a poise for love
You’ve got what every man dreams of

For now the world feels bright and round
For now the world feels bright and round
For now the world feels


Desperate Silence EP (2000); Maybe They're Right (2003); If Beauty Comes At All EP (2005)

These songs have been or are in regular rotation on Effect Radio ( the nations largest non-commercial Christian Radio Station.

Breathe Away - (Desperate Silence EP)
Emotion Swelling - (Desperate Silence EP)
Maybe - (Maybe They're Right)
Build It Up - (If Beauty Comes At All)

Featured on MySpace streaming:

Build It Up - (If Beauty Comes At All)
Suffering - (If Beauty Comes At All)
Crying Over You - (If Beauty Comes At All)
You Keep Coming- (Maybe They're Right)

Set List

An All But Screaming show is made up of all original songs and veries in length. A typical set is somewhere between 30 to 45 min and can go as long as 1 1/2 hours depending on the venue. Below is an example of a 45 minute power set:

1. Crying Over You (If Beauty Comes At All EP 2005)
2. You Keep Coming (Maybe They're Right 2003)
3. Suffering (If Beauty Comes At All EP 2005)
4. Kills Me (If Beauty Comes At All EP 2005)
5. Calm Down (New)
6. Silver Seas (If Beauty Comes At All EP 2005)
7. Wide Eyed (New)
8. Build it up (If Beauty Comes At All EP 2005)
9. Maybe (Maybe They're Right 2003)