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Allday is leading a new era in Hip Hop for Australia. Allday is a festival headliner, with chart topping albums and EPs behind him, huge radio airplay, who sells out huge national tours in record time. With massive social media presence, a truly rabid fanbase, a recent worldwide international label deal, an incredible new mixtape just around the corner and the worldwide release of Startup Cult coming soon, Allday is on the cusp of breaking through and taking his cult international.


Allday is leading a new era in Hip Hop for Australia.

Having dropped out of art school to focus full time on music, he successfully lived off stolen sachets of microwave rice for months on end. Oh, and managed to drop multiple mixtapes, slide into triple j’s world famous Hottest 100 Poll with ‘So Good’, debut an EP at #1 on the AIR chart (and #18 in the ARIA Charts), and play a whole bunch of sold out shows and festivals around Australia.

In 2014 the first two singles from Allday’s debut album, ‘Right Now’ and ‘You Always Know the DJ”,  found a place on the airwaves and into the hearts of many. Sold out national tours, supports for Lily Allen, and huge festival spots have ensued.

Allday’s debut album “Startup Cult” is a blend of broad influences and personal stories. Thousands joined the cult and helped Allday debut at #3 on the ARIA Album Charts, and #1 on ARIA Urban Chart and iTunes Hip Hop Charts. A massive national tour sold out within days, months ahead of the shows themselves.

The album was nominated at the AIR Awards as one of the best hip hop releases of the year, two tracks made the 2014 triple j Hottest 100 poll, and Allday won the hip hop category at the Fowler’s Live Awards. Having just played to huge crowds across the summer festival season, selling out another huge national tour in record time, a recent worldwide signing to Wind-up Records in the USA, and Allday’s album hitting Top 25 in the CMJ Hip Hop charts, Allday’s cult is spreading far...

With an incredible new mixtape just around the corner and a worldwide release of Startup Cult coming soon via Wind-up, Allday is on the cusp of breaking through and taking his cult international. 


Startup Cult - album - 2014 - #3 ARIA Album Chart, #1 ARIA Urban Album Chart, #1 iTunes Hip Hop Chart
Claude Monet - single - 2013
Soon I'll Be In Cali 2 - mixtape - 2013
Loners are Cool - EP - 2013 - #1 AIR Albums Chart, #18 ARIA Albums Chart, #3 ARIA Urban Album
A Skateboard Soiree - mixtape - 2012
So Good - single - 2012 triple j Hottest 100 #91
Euphoria - mixtape - 2012
Soon I'll Be In Cali - mixtape - 2011
Noue Yesou - mixtape - 2011