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Cleveland, Ohio, United States

Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Band Rock Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Tuesday Is For Tunes"

Screw the haters and American Idiot. Let me publicly declare that I am quite pleased the caustic cacophony of punk rock still sounds true. The local scene in Cleveland has always done a quality job of keeping the punk torch burning, and now they have given us All Dinosaurs. Hitting hard, fast, and loud, All Dinosaurs are four friendly dudes that like to get a little rowdy. Their music is infectious with beats that ring like gunshots, riffs as rough as a hangover, and gang shouts bleeding raw. HELL YEAH! Still don’t let all the good times fool you, All Dinosaurs are far from mindless. The first full-length album, Paranoid Indigenous, released earlier this year is chock full of meticulously crafted songs and intelligent lyrics that never boringly drone on. The bass powers through, and superb production keeps solos and vocals vivid. Tunes I’m particularly enjoying include: Push Back, Castle of Uncle Robert, and Heap Wolves. - Sachi Kobayashi

"Go Hear Some Live Music, Just Do It"

All Dinosaurs

There's an explosive charge of old-school punk ringing through the music of Cleveland's All Dinosaurs. They play fast and loud songs that steamroll into your ears with no intention of stopping for shit along the way. But pry beneath their steady blitz of noise and you'll hear a band that pays just as much attention to the smaller things that drive their songs. Their debut album, Paranoid Indigenous, is one of the strongest local releases we've heard this year. Check out the way all four members get their voices heard in the rowdy sing-along "The Castle of Uncle Robert." Or the tricky, and somewhat complex, way they weave in and out of "Generic Powershit"'s core melody by taking a few face-pummeling detours along the way. Are they punk? Are they metal? They're a little of both, with a considerable dose of indie-rock resilience coursing through their best songs. All Dinosaurs are releasing Paranoid Indigenous this week with a CD-release show at the Beachland on Saturday. We're guessing it's going to be loud and plenty awesome. — Gallucci
- Cleveland Scene Magazine


Paranoid Indigenous LP



“Maybe it’s me. I’m going to leave it up to you. You look like a reasonable person. But I remember a time when music had soul, music had conscience and music had balls. Do you recall that at all or am I just romanticizing the past?” – Bill Hicks.

All Dinosaurs, a four piece outfit from Cleveland, Ohio, strives to reconnect with the integrity and work ethic missing in music today. The sound, an uncompromising display of carefully crafted talent, creativity, grueling riffs and pounding rhythms, blends together in order to project a warm, welcomed, refreshing sound. The band is the brain child of a high school friendship. After a few line-up changes intensifying the band’s passion and dedication to the music they make, All Dinosaurs has found that heart-pounding, fist-pumping, combination of musical talent that employs complex rhythm, lyrical soul and undeniable rock n’ roll, in perfect harmony. Dinosaurs are no more than a polite group of close friends bound by musical compatibility determined to show the world that music is in fact art and not a commodity, bands can still knock you off your ass, talent is not proven on the internet, and that the world will benefit from relinquishing its arms to take up extraterrestrial exploration. Listen and be free.