allegra gellar

allegra gellar


allegra gellar is a los angeles based indie-folk-electronic band. between tape hiss and protools these thoughtful down-tempo acoustic based songs combine seamlessly with ambient, ethereal, and electronic textures.


allegra gellar really started in a car. the band name was borrowed from a movie about the world’s greatest game designer, reality, and trust. a few songs were written before the road trip, but allegra gellar actualized during a two-week road trip from atlanta to los angeles.

in september 2003, jeremy and denver arrived in los angeles, sleeping on couches and floors until their possessions finally arrived weeks later. once reunited with beds and instruments, they set up a studio in their new silverlake living room. they immediately began recording “the make-up artist,” a full-length debut about an emotionally destructive breakup and the cross country move.

during the recording, george visited from portland and participated. eventually, he moved to los angeles and would have a breakup of his own. in the summer of 2004, “the make-up artist” was finished. jeremy met olive and was no longer heartbroken. george slept on a couch, and denver decided to leave. he spent the next two and a half years immersed in photography and living just about anywhere in los angeles except silverlake.

in late 2004, jeremy and george recorded “where i’ve been has faded,” a second full- length built around acoustic guitars and electronic beats. “faded” sounded less like a full band effort than “make-up,” in an attempt to move away from a sound that could not be achieved without denver’s bass and 4 string guitars. upon completion of the second record, another friend, pez, moved to los angeles from new york and picked up the bass.

throughout 2005, allegra gellar was a three piece with either a laptop or a sampler acting as the drummer. the band recorded another single, “quicksand,” which returned to a more shoegaze-rock sound and then an acoustic ep, “there is a fine line between us.” late in the year, a west coast tour occurred which led to some pondering over the future of the band. jeremy and george were unclear if they should focus on rock songs (which los angeles clubs and fans react better to), glitchy electronics (which they tended to be attracted to but weren’t always enjoyable to play live), or stick closely to the acoustic core of their songwriting. with no clear answer or direction, 2006 found allegra gellar starting the year by taking a break.

after a couple months off, jeremy decided that allegra gellar should start recording a new record. this time they didn’t worry about how to translate the songs into a live show. jeremy returned to the sounds and moods of the music he had been both listening to and writing his entire life. gone were the attempts to sound like anything specific, not rock, not electronic, nor acoustic. jeremy and george spent nearly a year recording the collection of beautiful, thoughtful, ethereal songs that would become “cassette.” they used every tool in the studio with deliberate minimalism and had friends stop by to help create a lush texture with more depth, space, and intrigue than any allegra gellar project to date. “cassette” is both the completion of a trilogy for allegra gellar, tying up the loose ends of the previous two records, and a new beginning.

excited by the idea that they had finally created the definitive allegra gellar record, jeremy and george have decided to head back to the live stage. no longer feeling that being chained to a laptop the entire set would be fun, they have recruited olive to play drums. with pez busy playing in other projects started during allegra gellar’s 2006 hiatus, denver was contacted and asked to return to the fold. feeling like a unified family, this new, complete allegra gellar is turning the songs jeremy and george burned to cd into a live experience more inspired by “cassette” than an exact re-creation of the record.


travel goes in circles

Written By: j.wilkins

childproof razors plastic
trailer park walls are padded
your trust is gone there’s no electric
feeling better since you broke it

you sold your soul on an open market
you sold your hope to a starving artist

another year in mirrors
shatters you when they’re near
it’s finally catching up, keep putting on the make-up
you look younger dressed in fear

she promised you a golden age
play your parts, play her game
by june she said but she never meant it
by june she said but you’d never get there

we’re killing time but the truth is it’s killing
we’re killing time but the truth is it’s killing
we’re killing time but the truth is it’s killing
we’re killing time but the truth is
it’s killing us
it’s killing us

read nausea again

Written By: j.wilkins

i put marks on myself hope i'm easier to find
you backed me in a corner said "you're born to be mine"
but i've been confusing cleanliness with godliness
this numbing repetition with a lack of success

so i have to go if you can't follow me then why should i wait for you?

she sells coffee in a short skirt
the yellow eyes never touched her
her shoes are too small in some attempt to look cute
she looks like she just bought mall

she was a genius she was gorgeous
it's ridiculous how stupid she pretends to be
confusing meaning with money

he wanted to change the world but now he's just so bored
took a ride on a subway train everyday
the colors taste great but the taste doesn't change

he said "i have to go, if you can't follow me then why should i wait for you?"

i have to go if you can't follow me then why should i wait for you?

i put marks on myself to remind myself
read nausea again
read nausea again

rock idle

Written By: g.lewis III

i pour a glass of wine each night when i come home
press my fingers to the strings and strike a chord
kick off my shoes, kick out the nerves, kick up my heart
open my secret wounds and sew them into art

there's artifacts and broken dishes on the floor
lines on my face that crack a smile at lines i can't draw
kick off my shoes, kick out the nerves, kick up my heart
open my secret wounds and sew them into art

i think of all the different lives that would have been
if i stayed another course to wind up where i am
if i took different beds or gave back more instead
either way's another means to an end
so i kick off my shoes, kick out the nerves, kick up my heart
open my secret wounds and sew them into art


"the make-up artist" full length 2004

1. pretty sharks leave permanent kisses
2. los angeles
3. coming this october
4. in dresses
5. omaha (bleach and liquor)
6. judas, yesenia
7. so long and thanks for all the coffee
8. read nausea again
9. crystaline
10. drug doctor
11. the last song that i want to write about you

"try anything for a week" remix/b-side ep 2004

1. omaha (black coffee)
2. andrew ridgley
3. whoever loved that loved not at first sight
4. a delay in you
5. we've been kissing goodbye since we began
6. los angeles (acoustic version)

"where i've been has faded" full length 2005

1. the city's just a patient
2. 42 sugar
3. cynical
4. hidden treasure
5. a single object of uncomplimentary parts
6. halston
7. reach out
8. the beginning of the end
9. i, erase

"quicksand" single 2005

1. quicksand
2. you say i've never met anyone like you

"there is a fine line between us" acoustic tour ep 2005

1. hollywood is weird
2. rock idle
3. the twins
4. no such place
5. much too young (to feel this damn old)
6. drug doctor

"cassette" full length 2007

1. even the color green will leave
2. hollywood is weird
3. travel goes in circles
4. rock idle
5. burned & bored
6. song for stacey boatright's broken wrists
7. where i've been has faded
8. on richard's guitar
9. trying to get hurt

Set List

set may be at least 30 minutes and up to 90 minutes as determined prior to arrival at venue.
allegra gellar prefer to play about 45-60 minutes.

allegra gellar play mostly all original material, but will occasionally play surprise covers of the church, depeche mode, bright eyes, or garth brooks.

current set list.


(15 “work” - 2) {gtr-vibrato}



(16 “humans”- 3)

(14 “young” - 4) {switch A/B! gtr-chorus}


(5) {gtr-NO chorus/vibrato}

(10) {turn up overdrive level}