Allen Eason

Allen Eason


This music is an endless stream of energy. Unlimited directions of writing possibilites. I leave behind no style or texture. the emotions are intense and vibrant. Even though i am one instrument, i have many voices to break through ths silence


I take influences from all walks of life.
Since we are all the same people we have alot to learn from each others cultures.I have a very strong passion for film scoring and it shows alot in my music. I believe what makes me different from other bands is the fact that i do not have boundaries when it comes to writing or performing.
Also my discipline to my instrument sets me appart.
I am a self taught bass player from Nashville.
I compose compositions and do studio work.
I play live alot and love it. My goal is to do film scoring and conduct a symphony


I have just released an LP with my other group NRE
Entilted "Book of Changes".
I have released a rough 5 song demo for my solo bass compositions.

Also I am working on my full length LP Becoming of...
Which is all of my solo bass compositions with cello piano and drums. that will be released in a few months

Set List

my typical set-list is five songs.
Esacalona,Embrace,Dance in the Dark,Thought of it,
Vera. My set is usually about 25 minutes long.
I don't do covers but i am working up some real good ones at the moment