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I'm glad I got you

Written By: Allen Leger

The price of keepin us fed keeps going on up,
Can't hardly afford to put gas in my pickem up truck.
I can't miss a single day of work,
Gotta keep goin even if I get hurt.
When I need some cheerin up to help wash away my blues,
I think about you.
I'm glad I got you.
I'm gonna take how you make me feel and bottle it up.
A sweet recipe for me, then I'll lock it on up.
When life's really gettin to me,
I'll be reachin for my recipe.
You're the cure I need to help me get through.
I'm glad I got you.
I'm glad I got you. (end chorus)

My broke down grocery getter's still up on blocks,
Ain't gonna be a very cheap fix cause the lower-end knocks.
But my credit card's a little bit shy,
And the bank said the well went dry.
Man it rains so hard sometimes I don't know what I'll do.
Then I think about you.
I'm glad I got you.
The kitchen needs fixin and the lock broke on the front door,
The tax man's got his hand out for a little bit more.
I pawned everything that I dare to mention,
I'm so broke I can't pay attention.
Yeah I've thought about throwin in the towel, a time or two.
Then I think about you.
I'm glad I got you.
-CHORUS- (twice)