Allen McNeil aka AL MAC

Allen McNeil aka AL MAC


Allen McNeil's vocals demonstrate, laid back, sexy, floating, perfectly produced pieces of R&B/QUIET STORM ear candy. Allen's harmonies pinpoint his unique range and bring us back to the slow jam era


Allen McNeil also known as AL MAC, lead singer of the R&B group TROOP is a smooth vocalist, writer, and producer with that OG feel that takes you back to the days of true R&B. AL MAC has been apart of several hits on the billboard charts like "All I Do Is Think Of You" and "Spread My Wings" performed by Troop, "Tender Lover" performed by Baby Face and has also been involved with the block buster movie soundtrack "New Jack City". Now after selling over 15 million records world wide with TROOP, Allen McNeil (AL MAC) has arrived, a seasoned vet. TROOP has spawned a Producer, Song Writer, & Solo Artist known as AL MAC. A short time back AL MAC took a brief hiatus from TROOP projects to launch his solo career & released with great success two independent solo albums titled Helium Balloons & Second Time Around. You can purchase or listen to more AL MAC songs at: . Recently TROOP has returned to the music scene & AL MAC is balancing successfully, his solo career while at the same time continuing to release music & tour with his fellow band mates of Troop. AL MAC along with TROOP have recently done shows with other industry veterans like Brian McKnight, Boyz II Men, Silk and H-Town to name a few. Mr. AL MAC aka Allen McNeil is set to release his greatest solo work to date, HYBERNATION an album that AL MAC has poured more of his personal feelings in to than any other music he has released in the past. The first single "Close" is a close to home record that many people will relate to within their own relationships.


Second Time Around-Album
Helium Balloons-Album
Close-Single (Hybernation)

Set List

Got Me Sayin
I Just Want To Know You
Brand New Start
Big Bossin and Flossin