Allen Sawkins

Allen Sawkins

BandPopAdult Contemporary

a mixture of contemporary / pop-rock with country influences.


"HERO" Allen's four track CD single was recorded to raise funds for the Tony McNaughton Memorial Fund at the Canadian Women's Foundation. Tony was stabbed to death whilst protecting a colleague from her estranged husband. Tony recieved the Govenor Generals Medal of Bravery. The four original tracks deal with the issue of domestic violence, loss, love, and rebuilding life after a tragedy.
This CD is more pop-rock then Allen's previous CD ('Should've Been a Cowboy") which was basically an 'unplugged' country cover album with three original tracks.
Allen first began singing professionally at the age of 17, performing as lead singer of several different acoustic rock bands in pubs and clubs and on the college circuit in and around London. "Someone said, 'If we ever have a band we should get him because he always knows the words.' That's how I got my first job."
In 2004 Allen began performing in musical theater productions and has taken time off to record and promote the 'HERO' CD, in order to raise funds for the 'Canadian Women's Foundation'


Just the whiskey talking

Written By: Allen Sawkins


When I left for work this morning you were still asleep in bed.
The sun came up as I drove downtown with a pounding in my head.
I really can’t remember, much about last night,
just have this funny feeling that we had some kind of fight.

I never meant to hurt you or to see you cry,
it was just the whisky talking forgive me one last time.

At noon I tried to call you I guess that you weren’t home,
maybe you decided not to get the phone.
Well, I was just calling to tell you I’m gonna be home late tonight,
I’ll be drinking with the boys so leave on the front porch light.


I came home late this evening and all your clothes were gone,
just a note left on the table saying “Send my letters on.”
“You say it was the whiskey, but it was your hand that blacked my eyes.
And though it breaks my heart to leave you I can’t keep fighting for a life.”

“You never meant to hurt me or to see me cry.
It was just the whiskey talking but I can’t forgive you this time.”
“You never meant to hurt me or to see me cry, but now It’s me whose talking,
It’s time to say Goodbye.”

©Sawksongs 2001

Song for the unsung

Written By: Allen Sawkins


It’s been about a year since your life was torn away
But it aches like an eternity, and it hurts like it was yesterday.
I still don’t understand why it had to be,
I only know that your death stole my life from me.


This is a song for the unsung ones, those left behind
With broken hearts and wounded souls that only heal with time
A song of strength and courage in the face of tragedy
Of a life and love that’s lasting for all eternity

Sometimes it’s so hard to bear, missing you this much
I lie awake and I hear your voice, just longing for your touch
But I can't live on the memories of how things used to be
I’ll learn to live and love again, and I’ll just carry them with me


I’ve hidden in the shadows of my sadness and my tears
Lost in my confusion and paralyzed by fear
But 'life is for living' so I will turn and face the light
And walk towards a new day leaving this dark lonely night


©Sawksongs 2002

If my life

Written By: Allen Sawkins


If my life were an open book you’d be written on every page.
There amongst the joy and laughter the sorrow and the rage.
Sometimes there for all to see in the boldest largest print.
At other times between the lines as just a subtle hint.

If you ever wonder how real this is for me
Let these words I write for you be my testimoy
If you ever wonder what you mean to me.
Let these words I sing for you be my testimony.

If my life were a movie show you’d appear in every scene.
The Directors Cut, with Dolby Sound, on the widest silver Screen.
You might be my hero, there to save the day.
Or standing in the background with nothing to say.


If my life were an endless song you’d be singing with me now
I know you can’t hold a tune, but we’ll get by somehow.
I’d have you sing the lead with me right here in perfect time.
Or maybe just the harmony on this last line.


©Sawksongs 1998


HERO - 4 track cd single
- 2006
Should've Been a Cowboy
- 2003

Set List

Original Material:
Just the whiskey talking
Song for the unsung
If my life...
Watching and waiting
Unknown Destination
Foolish Whim
Living in the shadows
Monte Carlo or bust
Living life in the fast lane
Turn of the tide
This sad affair

taken from country and western repertoire.