Allen Stone

Allen Stone

 Chewelah, Washington, USA

Allen Stone's writing and soul power does not match his years. His live performance and vocal ability are something to be watched.


From backwoods barbecues and community gatherings; Allen Stone emerges to share personal melodies, telling his tales of life after just 24 years. Getting his start singing at his father's church in small-town America; it wasn't until later when introduced to the greats of soul music (Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin) and then to the confessional lyrical fashion of the 60's -70's singer/ songwriters, did music begin to ignite intense passion, eventually carrying this boy to a musical home.

On his self-titled sophomore album - scheduled for an independent self-release October 4, Allen has pushed his sound and lyricism to a greater level of noted individuality. It touches upon a range of styles and themes. Integrating classic soul, catchy pop hooks, r&b beats and folk roots with lyrical matters of testimonial broken relationships, poisonous politics and the age-old topic of simple, pure celebration. Stone's music is notable for his ?nely crafted evocative songs and a fresh, smooth, soul-?lled voice-one that certainly belies his age.

Spending the last 2 years building his buzz on the back of his biggest passion - touring - Stone has garnered national praise in the process as well as selling out venues, all while remaining completely independent from any label or publisher.


"Last to Speak" 2009
"Take One Sessions EP" 2010
"Take One Sessions vol 2" EP 2010
"Allen Stone" Oct 4, 2011

Set List

What I've Seen
Celebrate Tonight
Contact High
Is This Love
Your Eyes
Say So