Allen Szyrwiel Jr.

Allen Szyrwiel Jr.


I write crossover pop/country music with strong hooks and memorable melodies. My lyrics tell real life stories from the heart and have a unique blend of poetry and conversation.


I am an aspiring songwriter and producer who loves to work with others. My greatest joy is to write music and then have others perform it. I prefer to write and record behind the scenes. I write the "first draft" and then use other musicans and talents to bring the "final draft" to life.


Let's Call Out

Written By: Allen Szyrwiel Jr

Let’s Call Out - ÓAllen Szyrwiel 2007

Verse 1
I think we should call out of work today
Getting out of bed with you will be such a waste
Spending the day here is right where we belong
We can do so many things that I can’t say in this song

It’s rainy out so why get up
We’re comfy here and so in love
Let’s call out
It’s a little cold for a day in May
I don’t care I have you today
This is what life’s about

We’ll stay real close
Keep the world real far
Lay right here as the radio keeps singing to our hearts
I’ll rub your back
Then you’ll rub mine
I’ll kiss you and you’ll kiss me
For the rest of the time

Verse 2
The blankets are right where we like them to be
Just a little messy but still keeping you real close to me
The shades are down and there’s no light peeking through
So why let work ruin this day for me and you

The sun is hiding, the clouds are crying
A perfect time to do a little lying
Let’s call out
There’s so much in doing nothing
The weather’s bad but good for something
This is what life’s about


Pick up the phone and say you’re sick
I’ll do the same but I’ll wait 30 minutes

Verse 3
Baby we don’t know what tomorrow’s gonna bring
I can’t see a reason to stop this from happening