Allergic to Retro

Allergic to Retro

 Rochester, New York, USA

Allergic to Retro is a four piece Alt/Indie band based in snowy Rochester NY. The bands sound is described as moody and infectious, a good substitute for painkillers. The band are currently recording their first album to be released early 2011.


Origin: Rochester NY
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Facebook site:!/pages/Allergic-to-Retro/169793896366707

Band Members:
Brendan Millward (lead vocals, guitar), Jeff Morse (lead guitar,backup vocals), Andy Collister (drums) and Robert Smith (bass).

Allergic to Retro started out in New Zealand in 2008 by Brendan Millward and consisted of an array of members based on whoever was around to play with at the time. Struggling to find the right fit and after releasing a solo album, Brendan made the decision to move from New Zealand to Rochester NY in 2010 to try his hand in the American music scene. In search of a place to stay Jeff Morse offered up a couch in the living room of his tiny apartment.The two found themselves with similar music interests and began writing together. "In the beginning all it really was, was drunken jams at 1am in the morning after too much whiskey but it slowly developed into a sound that we felt needed to be heard".

After meeting bassist Robert Smith in a poker tournament and drummer Andy Collister at the local pub, Allergic to Retro was ready to begin recording their first album. The band draws alot of its influence from Brit rock and indie bands but isnt afraid to and quite often finds themselves writing songs in styles they stumble upon while jamming.


Love Dilated

Written By: Allergic to Retro

She came alone under city lights
tripping over herself and her phone
shone bright like a knife
and i was cut somewhere in between
the drip of her potion and her tattoo lies down her eyes
communication sold with her dirty mind
i just cant take it, its not gonna work this time
we've spent too long dancing over fire
just to be caught up in fiction tonight

I said baby you know what i mean
and she said well maybe i know
what your talking about
is that the reason your acting obscene
because youve got it on your mind

Love dilated forget the ones
my friends they tell me
tongue tied my thoughts in a knot
and you can see the
love dilated cant bring myself to verify it
i only beg and complain

Its you that i see shining the light on this lie
and ill tell myself, im a better man