All Fear Aside

All Fear Aside


Groove-Chunk-Metal....Power grooves laced with harmonic melodies and layered screams. We like playing around with different combinations of time signature shifts and drops. Our live shows are chaotic and fierce, always attracting new listeners and friends.


ALL FEAR ASIDE was spawned in 2002 by founders Nate Toshner and James Daigle under the guise of SKIDPLATE. Upon meeting, this thunderous duo of axes quickly put together six tracks and headed for Atlanta, GA to record a demo with Marty Cheyka (White House Studios). Unfortunately, technical difficulties would cut the project short.

A few months later, while they were piecing together the rest of the band, their demo found its way to Wausau, WI and into the hands of bassist, Aric Chil'-Cote'. After an immediate audition, the chemistry was apparant and the decision was final. For the next year, SKIDPLATE rehearsed with a vengence!

The final pieces came together in 2004 with the addition of frontman, Kyle Abel and percussionist, Rob Ball...and the loss of James Daigle. Through the struggle of losing such an integral part of their sound came new songs and a new name....ALL FEAR ASIDE!

This heavy foursome booked their first gig in the fall of 2005 and have ripped a trail through Central Wisconsin ever since. Their style is unpredictable and full of energy; a sick blend of rip-your-face-off metal, hooky time shifts and haunting melodies. Their live performances are full throttle and always attract new fans with their energetic and brutal sets. To sum it up in one sentence--ALL FEAR ASIDE is about the fans, the music and the energy!

And with a few festivals, a self-released demo and dozens of shows under their belt, ALL FEAR is ready for the next step: recording a full length album (to be released in Spring/Summer '07) and touring to support it.


We currently have a demo out with three tracks and are working on a full length album with Marty Cheyka (Whitehouse Studios) to be released this summer.
We have had some airplay in the Central Wisconsin area.

Set List

We have an 11 song set of original songs...our set takes about an hour...we don't play covers.
Here's our set list:
Reigns of the Blind
2nd File
Mike West
Bubble Theory
We are working on adding about an hour (9-10 songs) to our set in the near future. Our usual set up for a night is 2 to 3 bands playing hour sets. Once we lengthen our set, we will play with one other band a night instead of two.