All Green Lights

All Green Lights


This is what music should sound like, waves of sounds, beats, moods, real violins, trumpets, guitars, spacey cool music that you can chill out to. This is what I want to listen to on a desert island, or waking up, or driving to work or to take drugs to.


For 7000 years I was waiting on your frontier. Ben Bettinson played with revolutionary band Inqilab in Washington DC and put together his own visionary band All Green Lights while dreaming of a future where there were no more wars. What would the music sound like we were in heaven? What if it made you bored? then that wouldn't be what you heard in heaven. It would have to make you want to keep listening to it. Over and over. So over years Ben crafted his sound on record afforded the time at home to do and make whatever limits he had to his imagination. He was not restricted by time or by tracks, as all his cuts burst to the edges of what is sonically possible, he layered sound upon sound editing and rearranging the music until it brought a mood to the listener. He wants music to sound like a calidoscope, but with the right tone and attitude. He is not above his audience, but he is inside his audience.


All Green Lights-Candida Pax lp
All Green Lights-Sol Invictus lp

Inqilab-The Burning Fantasy 7"
(guitars, keyboards and production)

Jakuta and Carl-i lp

Mirah-Live from College Park 12"
(engineer and producer)

Set List

Set list is atypical- mostly just acoustic guitar and harmonica singalongs because the expanse of the records would require an orchestra on stage.
unreleased songs include:
At nine years old I saw the End
Wild West Showdown
You're Living in Denial Babe, I'm not gonna Die
Swimming in the Ocean
Alison's Suite

covers include:
Areoplane over the Sea-Neutral Milk Hotel
Tired of Sleeping-Postal Service
Easy Chair-Bob Dylan
Rocky Racoon-Beatles