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All Hail


"All Hail clearly proclaims its mission - to make dramatic, emotional music for people who like dramatic, emotional music."


All Hail's debut EP Every Wealth sought to bring the band's poetic lyrics and unique musical interplay to the forefront of the burgeoning Austin scene.

It certainly opened doors.

Now the band is poised to walk through these doors with the magnificent Truth, Love, War. The album represents a giant leap forward for a band that displayed such promise with their debut. Equipped with swirling viola, synth, and piano majesty, along with guitars has described as "dripping with melody and style," All Hail's highly anticipated full length album is sure to please those seeking a dramatic soundtrack to life.


The Sermon

Written By: Garrett Loontjer

For years we would wait
to garner this dream

with cause to believe
no loss to our faith.

We shall not allow
our hope to run out.

The bell rings before
the clock strikes at ten

two more to endure
but love never ends.

We shall not allow
our hope to run out.

Give the sermon we've all heard many times

It fills our ears with sounds of joy

Bless the man who speaks to our beating hearts

He knows the time. We wait with him.

Who's dealt us our fate?
this crutch of belief

this passion of need,
this need to be saved
We shall not allow
our time to run out.

Give the sermon we've all heard many times

It fills our ears with sounds of joy

Bless the man who speaks to our beating hearts

He knows the time and we wait with him.

give us...give us...give us...hope

If we're to starve our normalcy, would you break bread for the dream?

If we're to crave community, 
would you supply all we need?

Truth Be Told

Written By: Garrett Loontjer

truth be told I never want to know this world without you
for without truth and love I'd starve
and rest assured this flower won't die
though winter comes I've gathered all the sun to survive

keep close for I've got the antidote of hope
and trust that I'll keep afloat our love and our chance
to make the world ours
you must believe...we shall believe

truth be told I always want to show my best
and give you all of everything I can my dear
my heart will beat as long as you are near
tomorrow holds the hand of all our luck tonight


Written By: JP Bartonico

Ex-lover with them beautiful eyes
why don't you see
you're killing me with all the games
you've been playin me
I'm telling you my heart is on my red, bloody sleeve
That you're using to wipe those fake tears
from your cheeks
you're tearing me apart

Late night lover
am i just here for your dark dirty deeds
cause yous abusin me
physically and mentally
I want you
You're a drug that cannot be easily weened
you know i love it when i hear those three words
as a scream
you're tearing me apart

I know what you are
Stop telling me that
I'm the one you want in your life

Hey lover
why don't you come on
and fight for what you love
and tell the story that you shoulda been tellin from the start
come on and let me know

Wait! Lover
don't distract me with those damn pretty thighs
There's nothing you can do
to make me forgive you for those lies

So go Lover
get the hell outta this clear pilot's sight
and find some other joke
to put up with your perfect disguise.


Truth, Love, War - 2009
Every Wealth (EP) - 2007

Truth, Love, War:

"Recalling the post-millennial grandiosity of Coldplay and Arcade Fire and the nocturnal longing of The National, All Hail sets its songs skyward on the back of Dait’s viola and Youngkin’s guitar." -A.V. Club/The Onion

"The final result is evident, all they really wanted to do was make a great indie-rock album, and they succeeded... As cliché as it sounds, 'Truth, Love, War' will make All Hail a familiar name." -The Accent

“Beautiful textures and irresistible melodies galore.”

"Equipped with the swirling viola, synth, and piano majesty along with guitars that provoke melody and style." -Austin Daze


Every Wealth:

"Sharp and smart... part pop, part rock, cleverly arranged and well suited for those who like their rock with brains" -San Antonio Express-News

"Dripping with melody and style, the lead guitar work on this album is, in all honesty, without flaw" -Austin Sound

"Loontjer's vocals are a commanding whisper as he navigates his way through the tracks" -INsite Magazine

"Carries a bit of a dark impression, similar to The Smiths... and exposes their honest, smart songwriting" -Spill Magazine (Toronto)

Set List

Our typical set runs between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.