Allie Kay Band

Allie Kay Band


The ALLIE KAY BAND gives audiences a dynamic, energetic live show and the comments this band receives after the set is always strongly positive! The songs are diverse in musical styles and filled with hooks that will get in your head long after the songs have played.


The Allie Kay Band is a group of exceptional young musicians whose members are in both high-school and college.

Allison Kutchaver is the youngest member of the band and also the lyricist, lead guitarist and singer. Her original songs have won third place at the 2011 "House of Blues - Battle of the Bands Contest" on the Sunset Strip and they were also a Semi-Finalist in the nation wide "School Jam USA" contest. Allie songs are diverse in musical style due to her love all many genres of music ranging from the Jazz era (she is currently a jazz guitarist at the Los Angeles County High School of the arts), pop, heavy metal and rock. She is inspired by a great many bands including Charlie Parker, Wes Montgomery,The Beatles, Adele, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Alice Cooper, and Ramstein just to name a few.