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Floyd, Virginia, United States | SELF

Floyd, Virginia, United States | SELF
Band World Reggae


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Says it all"

You dudes are without peers. - Alliens fan

"Alliens come to Floyd"

The sounds of reggae and Latin will vibrate out of the Sun Music Hall and Cultural Arts Center in Floyd on the first weekend in November. Alliens will perform at the hall, leaving audiences with rhythms that will ignite the atmosphere indefinitely.

The band will play on Nov. 2, 4 and 5. The last show is for the “Fourth Amendment Benefit – Clean of Green,” which benefits an individual who had his fourth amendment rights infringed upon over the summer.

Besides Alliens, other acts attending the benefit include Blue Mule, The Remnant Project, Mad Squirrel from the Forest Fires Collective, JabbaJaw JD / Natural Causes, King George Funk Revival (featuring members of Sol Creech, Yams From Outer Space and TruSound), Billy Miller, The Kind, Shayar & Krooshal Force and Patrick Halpern.

Tickets for the first two shows will range from $4-5. The benefit costs $15 for presale and $18 at the door.
Alliens band members, Janiah Allen, Jamiel Allen and Zephraim Allen began playing together in late 2005 in Floyd. Jamiel was still living in Key West, Fla., until he decided to make the move to Floyd in May.

Brothers Janiah and Jamiel were born in Key West, Fla., with their cousin Zeph. From there they grew up in very different places separately, but came back together and began playing music.

They are in the process of recording their first album filled with plenty of rock, reggae, and fusion escapades.

“They are becoming extremely popular. They have a great following in Floyd and in Blacksburg as well. It’s a blend of reggae, Latin, and fusion; a new sound,” said Jamie Reynolds, production manager of Winter Sun Inc and the Sun Music Hall in Floyd.

“Shaken, not stirred, Alliens concoct a cornucopia of good music, their Latin-spiked rock fusion reggae creating an eccentric, atmospheric collaboration between broad styles from abroad,” is how the band is described on the Winter Sun Web site.

Also joining Alliens at the Sun Music Hall is adventure music makers, Jungl Ed, a four-piece sight and sound that is combined with jazz and funk. - Planet Blacksburg

"Awesome show"

You guys were awesome last night! Congrats on winning the Battle of the Bands! - Alliens fan

"Martin's Favorite"

Alliens is one of Martin's favorite bands, always keeping the crowd moving and providing one of the most unique and upbeat sounds around. A 'can't miss' every time. - Jason Martin/ Owner of Martin's (Roanoke, VA)

"World-class sound"

Hemlockfest thanks you for making the past weekend rock! You were great. Love that world-class sound. - Hemlockfest

"Freaking a-MAY-zing!"

The music is freaking a-MAY-zing! - Tad Dickens, The Roanoke Times


When I heard Alliens were coming to the studio, I knew very little about them - reggae, three piece, somewhat confusing name. By the time they pulled out of the lot, I had become a gawking fan. The name stems from their common last name, Allen, as the drummer and keyboardist are brothers and the guitarist a close cousin. I recognized the drummer from an old Blacksburg reggae band Carbon Culture, but this project blows the doors of the genre wide open. Check them out if you can, and if you're lucky you'll see them with a special guest or two. - Daine Vineyard,

"An Unstoppable Groove"

The Alliens, from Floyd VA, bring a new level of dance and jam to the Fest. Whether you're looking for reggae, funk, jam, jazz, or rock; they keep the party alive! I'm always rest-assured when they're on stage. I'll bring them back year after year! - Kris Hodges/ FloydFest Producer

"Cabo loves Alliens"

Fun, entertaining, great live experience! - Corey Harris/ Manager @ Cabo Fish Taco (Blacksburg, VA)

"FloydFest '07 Review"

I enjoyed the Alliens world funk fusion music on the Global Village stage. This was extremely pleasant. - Home Grown Music Network


Sons of Survivors (Debut Album, July 2008)

Rollin' With Moses EP - (June 2007)

As "Former Band" Carbon Culture:
The Petrified Boombox - (Dec. 2006)



World Groove is the founding ideal of Alliens.
A cross-cultural blend of sound is rooted deep in their souls from growing and living in foreign lands. Rock infused Reggae , Funk covered Ska, Caribbean Soca with a splash of Spanish Hip-Hop, Electronica Drum-Breaks meet Cumbia Dance Beats, and still more! Top it off with conscious multi-lingual lyrics and sweet trio harmonies and you get an experience that moves mind, body and soul.

Through their seamless transitions and flowing dynamics, one message shines like a beacon of truth: forget your differences & dance!

The band line up is a family affair at heart, the founders of the band being two brothers (Jamiel and Janiah) and their cousin (Zeph). Standing strong with these boys on stage are Cameron McLaughlin (Bass) , and Owen Aschoff (Percussion), adding a touch of R&B and Soul, and a dash of Afro-American rhythms to complete this concept of World Groove.

So brace yourself for mass musical abduction. Alliens are coming!!!