Alli Millstein

Alli Millstein

 New York City, New York, USA

Taking inspiration from artists such as Jenny Lewis, Beach House, and Conor Oberst, Alli Millstein creates refreshing and innovative music that resonates with listeners. Her combination of introspective lyrics and haunting melodies is unforgettable.


A native of Hartford, CT, Alli Millstein singer/songwriter is one of the Indie scene's emerging artists. More recently, Alli has brought her unique vocal and guitar melodies not only to coffeehouse and pubs in the Hartford area, but also to legendary venues in NYC, including Kenny’s Castaways and The Bitter End. Alli takes inspiration from the work of Dylan, Jenny Lewis and M.Ward to craft her compelling sound that is no less evocative than these artists who have come before her. Alli Millstein’s first full-length album, Smokejumper, reflects her studied efforts as a perceptive and sophisticated indie folk artist.


Spring Renewal

Written By: Alli Millstein

Thanks for keeping me wound so tight.
This way I never slept at night.
I might be unraveled,
but I sit like a child...
Waiting for you to come back
apologize for my sadness.
Now I'm listening to sad sad songs.
Singing along to the bands you love
as if it will draw you near,
keep us far from fear.
You were scared more than me.
Maybe one day you won't be.
So I'll find someone else real fast,
and hope that maybe it will last.
But in the back of my mind I'll know the truth.
He's a summer fling, you were a spring renewal.


Written By: Alli Millstein

I'm waking up,
It's still January outside,
and all my thoughts collide
as I breathe in light.
Every day is getting colder
and the new year's
already over.
Rub my eyes and try to look forward...
I just want a new feel,
but the past keeps bitting at my heels.
Want to fall back asleep.
Pretend it wasn't me,
who lost or broke,
their self identity.
The world goes by,
and I'll dream as it flies.
Won't even, say goodbye.
I'm waking up,
it's still February outside,
and all my thoughts reside
in my overcrowded mind.
Every day is getting softer,
I can hear it start to wander...
Close my eyes and wish life was longer.
I just want a new feel.
But the past keeps bitting at my heels.
Let's move to France.
Drink wine and learn to dance.
We'll walk the streets,
forget about defeat.
The world goes by.
And we'll dream as it flies.
We won't even, say goodbye.

Our Love Is Underground

Written By: Alli Millstein

I fell through the cracks of a busy street,
just hoping that it would bring you to me.
And when the buildings shook and the roads split,
I wasn't scared because I knew our love was about to begin.
But now I want to sing you to sleep,
so you finally know what it's like to be free.
Oh you've always been stuck as someone else.
Just lift from your body and grow to yourself.
Hum along lah dee dah, and I'll wait for you to wake up.
Hum along, lah dee dah, I know you're still there please don't give up.
Well I learn more as life rides along.
And my heart grows bigger and my limbs become long.
When I was a kid I thought I knew it all,
and in a way I did I knew how to be small.
That's the wisdom that I try to regain.
Remember my past and have fun all the same.
But it's hard to grow up and act mature.
There's so many lessons that I've yet to learn.
Hum along lah dee dah and I'll wait for my mind to catch up.
Hum along, lah dee dah, I think I'm moving,
a little to fast to stop.

Mend My Heart

Written By: Alli Millstein

Its that time of year again
The air smells of summer
Rub your eyes and rise from bed
To wake from winter’s slumber.
At this point in time last year
Everything was changing.
He broke my heart into pieces,
It took some rearranging.
But now I have a needle and thread,
Sew it up and it will beat again.
Yeah now I have a needle and thread,
Sew it up and it will beat again.
I always hold your arms so tight
while we’re sleeping
It’s hard for me let go of you
While I’m dreaming.
We will fall into the sea
our hearts and eyes open
our hands are warm our feet are free
we float through the ocean.
and I reach my arm
for a needle and thread
you sew my heart and it beats again
yeah you held my heart
in your own two hands
and now its ready to beat again.

Human Nature

Written By: Alli Millstein

The leaves are changing
As we drive to somewhere old.
Our minds are familiar
With the bumps and turns in the road.
And they are sleeping
In the backseat of the car.
Their bodies are posed
To show who they truly are.
And we'll keep on moving.
In our search for meaning.
We might be going a little slow.
It'll be a while 'til we come back home.
Years from now
They'll build highways across this land.
And all the beauty
will be stripped for something made by man.
But for now keep your eyes on the fields.
As I drive I know there's nothing that feels this real.
And we'll keep on moving
In our search for meaning.
We might be going a little slow.
It'll be a while 'til we come back home

Glynis's Song

Written By: Alli Millstein

Babe I've been thinking 'bout you all night long. I couldn't sleep waiting for your call. You once said I was the only one, but now I'm afraid that our love is gone. CHORUS: So I'll cry aia aia ia and sulk. I won't lie aia aia I'm heart broke. I couldn't keep you from running away. But now I'll never know what it's like, to have you stay. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (repeat). It took so long for us to get it together, so many seasons braving all types of weather. And when I thought it could finally work, you left me in the cold and broke my heart. CHORUS.
BRIDGE: The sun is hiding now, tucked away behind the big gray clouds, believe me when I say, I've never felt so lonely. No I've never felt so lonely.


Written By: Alli Millstein

You can spot four on any corner in Missoula, When summer comes they know to flock to Western Montana. I've been told they're from all over the world, with long blonde hair, young and old. They stick out their hands and beg for a dime. I just want a drink, they don't bother lying. Oh, oh, transients. Oh, oh, they're transient. My buddy and I picked up two for a lift, their cheeks were beat red they were only kids. They got in the car and fell right asleep... poor babes on a journey looking for peace. Oh, oh, transients. Oh, oh, they're transient. And when I see the faces of my peers on the streets, with their sunken eyes and their worn tired feet, I think of their mothers who stay up late waiting for the return she hopes they'll make. Yeah, she's waiting for the return she hopes they'll make. Oh, oh transients. Oh, oh they're transient.

Sleep Tight

Written By: Alli Millstein

I drop you off at the train, and the velvet sky was clear though it called for rain, and I quoted a song as you walked away...goodbye.. And you kissed me on the cheek because you couldn't bare more, finally months from now I know what it all was for. You knew you were leaving, didn't want to be bored, no no. CHORUS: And spring turned to summer, the cold turned to warmth, I put you to sleep, and never woke you up (REPEAT). Well you lied when I asked you tell me the truth, I know a million people who act just like you. You're a paper cut-out of who I knew, it's true. They say that good things come to those who wait. So I sit here patiently every day. But I know for you karma's on its way, look out. CHORUS (X2).


"Human Nature"

Set List

Spring Renewal
Getting Over You
Human Nature
Our Love is Underground
Make It Count
Slow Moving Sunshine
Sleep Tight

One or two sets, about an hour to an hour and a half depending if I throw in some covers by request.