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Portland, Oregon, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2023

Portland, Oregon, United States
Established on Jan, 2023
Band Rock Pop




"all in ur head drop debut EP"

The city of Portland in Oregon, has given rise to an electrifying pop punk band that’s been making an impact with their raw and authentic sound, called all in ur head. Led by the charismatic Travcon, the frontman who previously showcased his musical talents as the bassist in the renowned Colorado rock band Wake Me, the band is on a mission to revive the spirit of pop punk with a contemporary twist.

With lyrics covering topics like toxic relationships, childhood trauma and emotional baggage, all in ur head transforms personal struggles into infectious anthems. Linking up with Travcon is the extraordinary Sammi, the band’s bassist and vocalist. United by the dating app Hinge, this musical power couple brings a unique dynamic to the band.

Sammi, the band’s lyricist, threads tales of heartache, resilience and personal growth into each track. Beyond her musical talents, Sammi’s background in apparel design and modelling adds a distinctive flair to the band’s merchandise line.

Earlier this year they made an explosive entrance with their debut single “Hope is Gone,” which they’ve since followed up with a further three well-received singles. Now they bring us their latest release, crystallising the first chapter of their thrilling sonic adventure into a brand new EP. Titled Hope is Gone, their debut EP features the band’s first four singles as well as an acoustic version of their debut single and EP titled track “Hope is Gone.”

Opened by “Hope is Gone,” the EP kicks off with striking drums that usher in an uptempo pop punk sound brimming with gritty guitars. Dropping the arrangement back, Travcon’s impassioned vocal leads glide in to carry smooth melodies and emotive lyricism over the punch of drums and clean guitar chords. Building up the energy, the crunch of distorted guitars raises the intensity as they charge into an instantly catchy chorus that channels the aesthetic and sonic charm of band’s like Blink-182.

“Moon Baby” follows with the sombre tones of plucked guitar twangs as Travcon threads moving leads above. Erupting with pounding drums and storming guitar-driven energy, crafting a rousing sound of pop-focused modern rock music. Building to an epic crescendo capped by superb guitar solo work and a shining final chorus, it’s an energising anthem that’s sure to stick with you long after the final notes fade.

Next up, “The Old Me” starts with the deep fuzz of guitars as hushed vocals spin confessional lyrics above, the song launches with the full band sound of lively drums and slick guitar lines. Catchy melodies take shape in the verse before the band lays down another infectious chorus injected with pure pop punk energy and memorable songwriting.

“Stuck on You” enters with the snap of snare shots before the rich timbre of guitar layers rise and dip to form a chugging backing for the vocals. Drawing on their winning formula of lofty vocal leads and relatable lyricism, with the chorus, the band delivers a stellar anthem. With a stunning display of the band’s knack for dynamic ebb and flow, the song bends from the calm, delicate moments in the verses to the soaring heights of the chorus.

The EP closes with the band’s acoustic rendition of their breakout debut single “Hope is Gone.” Serving up a heartfelt take on the original, elegant acoustic guitars and the gentle shuffle of a shaker craft a stripped back arrangement that allows both Travcon and Sammi’s dazzling vocal performance to shine in a new light. - Plastic Magazine

"EP Review: all in ur head – Hope is Gone"

All in ur head is an American pop-punk band from Portland, Oregon who have just come to my attention thanks to the imminent release of their debut EP. A mix of nostalgia and modern edge, it’s called Hope is Gone.

By Graeme Smith

Hope is Gone is a collection of five tracks all about personal struggle, dealing with topics such as toxic relationships, childhood trauma, and emotional baggage. Despite the weight of the subjects, all in ur head deal with them in a lively and upbeat way, exorcising the demons of the past.

The EP opens with its title track. It’s a relentless start, with some huge drums and monster riffs right from the off. Expressive and emotional vocals come in, telling a story of heartache. It is, in many ways, classic pop-punk but all in ur head are definitely bringing something new to the genre. It’s an opening that demands you pay attention and keep listening.

Moon Baby slows things down with a ponderous tale of regret. A stripped-back first verse gives way to a hard-hitting chorus. The Old Me brims with a sense of weariness that is shaken off by its rousing rock arrangement. The vocals take on a particularly pleading quality in the verse. Stuck On You has an anthemic quality about it, with a soaring, airy hook that tempers the melancholy and angst of its lyrics. It’s a highlight.

Finally, we get an acoustic rendition of Hope is Gone. It introduces a sense of intimacy to the track’s story without losing any of its energy. It’s a final highlight.

All in ur head are frontman Travcon (real name Travis Jeffrey Bennett) and Sammi (real name Samantha DiPilato Bennett) on bass, vocals and lyrics. The pair met through a dating app and, musically, it’s a match made in heaven. Their debut EP is a collection for lovers of the golden era of pop-punk. - York Calling


Discover all in ur head - Portland's explosive pop punk sensation! Their singles 'Hope is Gone,' 'Moon Baby,' and 'The Old Me' are tearing up streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Experience their raw, honest lyrics and infectious melodies as they delve into themes of resilience and self-discovery. With three mesmerizing music videos, all in ur head brings their songs to life, captivating audiences with intense performances and thought-provoking storytelling. Join their devoted fanbase and embrace the unfiltered emotions and unapologetic energy of all in ur head's addictive pop punk tunes. Get ready for a sonic adventure that defies expectations!



Introducing "all in ur head" - Portland's Typical Punk Losers

all in ur head is here to ignite your passion for raw, authentic music. Armed with actual guitars and drums - yes, imagine that - we're on a mission to transform our personal struggles into infectious pop-punk anthems. Brace yourself as we dive headfirst into the murky waters of toxic relationships, childhood trauma, and emotional baggage, transforming them into irresistibly catchy tunes that resonate with your very soul.

If you find yourself scratching and crawling your way through the chaotic labyrinth of life, just like us, then prepare to fall head over heels for our music. all in ur head will be your comrades-in-arms, using laughter as our weapon against everyday suffering. Together, we'll unleash a mosh pit of emotions, letting the catharsis of punk rock wash over us as we jump, scream, and lose ourselves in the thrill of the moment.

Leading the charge as the frontman of all in ur head is Travis, making his debut on the stage after mesmerizing audiences as the bassist in Wake Me, the renowned Colorado rock band. You may recognize him from his performances at Red Rock Amphitheater, Elitch Gardens, Mesa Theater and many more. With a lifelong devotion to music, Travis brings an unrivaled intensity and undeniable stage presence, ensuring that every performance is an unforgettable experience.

Joining forces with Travis is the extraordinary Sam, who takes the stage as the band's bassist paired with her harmonies have been honed since her early years. As the lyricist for the band, she weaves poetic tales of heartache, resilience, and personal growth. But Sam's talents don't end there - her background in apparel design and modeling infuses the band's merchandise line with a unique flair and astonishing designs.

So, are you ready to embark on this exhilarating journey with all in ur head? It's time to surrender to the relentless energy of pop punk, where our melodic rebellion will capture your spirit and ignite a fire within. Together, we'll conquer the trials and tribulations of life, shouting our anthems from the rooftops, and forging an unbreakable bond that only the power of music can create. Let's make every day a mosh-worthy celebration of life!

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