Allison Lupton

Allison Lupton


“A lovely voice and a killer band breathe new life into the trad tunes on the album, and instill a traditional grace in the newer pieces. The songs are imbued with the sheer joy the band had playing them, the voice speaking of sweet wistfulness and sweeter celebration.” David Francey


Allison has been performing as a singer/flute player for over 20 years. Her interest in music began in the community of West Zorra Township where she learned to sing in church choirs. She went on to study music in university and later released two recordings as part of the group “Killiecrankie”. Allison has been featured as a guest musician on recordings by such artists as Don McGeoch and has performed on CBC radio’s “The Vinyl Café” hosted by Stuart McLean. Allison and band mates Ian Bell, Denis Rondeau, Geoff Somers and Jay Weiler captivate listeners with their beautiful renditions of traditional and original songs and tunes. The band features exquisite, three-part vocal harmonies and captivating arrangements highlighting flute, fiddle, guitar, accordion, mandolin and acoustic bass.


Blue Willow

Written By: Allison Lupton and Geoff Somers

I followed my father's plow down our muddy back lane.
Gulls like kites tied to the dark wake of earth floated high overhead.
Field turns and settles fast in its corduroy bed.
Down in a furrow washed up to light a broken teacup lay.

Blue willow
Blue willow
Take me back with you
To the day when you were
New willow
Blue willow

Brushed off the earth to find a story told in white and blue.
Ghost sheets dry in the wind sailing in line workboots pulled off by the door.
Fiddle tunes, dancing feet, partners take hands cross the floor.
And I thought of the hands that had once held the cup and cleared the trees and stones.



solo cd "Fly Like Swallows"
solo cd "My True Love"
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Set List

song: False Young Man
song: Blue Willow
reels: Silver In the Crate/ Charlie Hunter's/ Eddie Poirier's/ Shawna's Reel
song: Rare's Hill
song: Blue Willow
jigs: Clodagh's Jig/ James Drew McIntosh
song: Father Was A Fisherman
song: Oak and The Laurel
reels: Gunner Mary/ Paddy on the Bayou