Music from Within

Music from Within

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Allison Zopel is a solo pianist, who's music is sure to captivate your heart, and soothe your mind and soul.


Allison Zopel is an up-coming artist in New Age music today. Inspired by artists like George Winston, Jim Brickman, and David Lanz, Allison has created a music all her own, much of which came through her while spending 4 years coming out of a coma and brain injuries. The music from her latest album, "Music from Within", can be heard playing on various New Age Radio Stations across the country, as well as available on Amazon, Tower Records, Best Buy, CDBaby, and iTunes. She has also had recent write-ups in the Oregonian, Portland Positively News, Glamour Magazine, and the Wausau Daily Herald. With a background in singing jazz, Allison has also spent the past 10 years performing jazz professionally around the mid-west in the Zopel Jazz Quartet, as well as in Portland, OR for the last 3 years. Currently, Allison has released her second album, "Seasons", in March 2007, while performing across the country through her travels from NY to LA. For more information, bookings, and sound clips of Allison Zopel's music, you may visit:, or

**Allison is now beginning to speak with people about her experience of being in a 4 year coma with severe brain injuries, describing what it was like to be in a coma from the inside, looking out, educating people more about the different levels of consciousness inbetween, how she was able to heal, as well as how we can be of better assistance to people in need of care. If you are interested in having Allison to speak at a venue or school near you, please contact Allison at: **


"Music from Within"- complete album released on
September 14, 2004.
"Seasons"- -complete album released
on March 14, 2007.

Set List

Music From Within- Full Album
1. Thoughts of T.L.
2. A Feeling of our Love
3. America
4. Strange Beautiful
5. Sherry's Tree
6. Summertime Haiku
7. Stu's Song
8. Sarah's Light
9. Prayer for You
10. Ocean, Sand, and Sky
11. New Love
12. Grandma's Music Box
13. A Wedding with my Father
14. Joy - JS Bach

Seasons- Album Debut
1. Seasons Begin
2. Silence in the Circle
3. Dance of the Ballerina
4. Evergreen
5. Season's Interlude
6. Reconnecting with you
7. Next to You
8. Nowhere Else
9. Seasons Finale
10. You Shine Through

(New)With Vocals-
1. Into the Night
2. When You're Near
3. Next to You
4. Total Exposed
5. You Shine Through