Allister & The Nightlight

Allister & The Nightlight

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Allister's Lullaby

Written By: Meirav Galar

The stars are waiting in line
To kiss you goodnight
Your dreams
are made of
Sweet lemonade

Now you can fly
Into the night
The moon and stars
will guide you

and when you wake up
you will be
as strong as super man
you know
you can do anything
so go ahead
and dream

all the people you love
will always be near
and they will always
love you
the sun will always
tomorrow again
so just close your
beautiful eyes

close your beautiful eyes

I’ll make sure
That your toes
Are tucked into place
So that you wont get cold
When you’re asleep
The whole world
Is just not the same
You wont be missing
much then

Turn out the lights
So we can see
The things that don’t
have shadows
And drift off into
Your favorite dream
And tell me all about it

Tomorrow when you wake up
You know I’ll be here
To listen closely always
To every story you tell
About what you see
When you close
your beautiful eyes

Close your beautiful eyes