All Lines Parallel

All Lines Parallel


Metal/Progressive rock, with catchy lines and head banging riffs. Inspirational lyrics, awesome energy on stage!


A Band out of Wilmington Nc, beach boys you could call us. Skating and surfing is what we do when we are not making music.

When we first played together, it was in a tiny hot loft. And as soon as we started playing, we all looked at each other and knew we had found what we were looking for. Originally it was, Mike V, Dan and Hunter, then the addition of a new drummer and guitar player. When we write our music, we try to tell a story. For it to be an inspiration of a topic, for people to connect to what we are saying. Our biggest influence in our music, is things that have happened to each of us and to the people around us.

What sets us apart from a lot of bands, is the mixture of melodic vocals and heavy breakdowns, with catchy verses.


Communication Myths

We have tracks on our myspace.

Set List

Take This Life:
Watching Me Bleeding:
Every Tear Is a Memory:
Faith Full:
Test Of Strength:

Our Set can be made 30mins all the way up to an hour. And all of them are originals