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"If did not know if All Living Fear something went wrong in your musical education"

It is always cause for celebration for a band reaching fifteen years of existence, even when in the midst of those fifteen years have been stoppages and periods of almost no activity. The beginnings of this totem of the British gothic rock date back to 1992, just at the time after leaving a concert of The Sisters of Mercy in Birmingham two young men who answered to the names of Matthew North and Steve Howson decided to unite to to unleash their musical interests. From then till now All Living Fear has become the creature of Matthew North, the only member who has been in the band from the beginning to the present, and who has invested in the project his soul, his heart and life.
To celebrate fifteen years of existence, Matthew North had decided to rerecord some of the items contained in the records of All Living Fear, counting for it with some notable collaborations, such as Julianne Regan (All About Eve) and her beautiful voice, or the Steve Bronski (Bronski Beat) remixing some issue. Moreover, for the occasion he has had the collaboration of several singers who have been through All Living Fear over the years, thereby lending the album a really interesting vocal variety, which, combined with the music, makes this "Fifteen years after" a work that deserves more than one listening.
The first of two CDs from this work that has an overview of the discography of All Living Fear and contains topics really bright and beautiful. Entre ellos destaca con luz propia la trilogía formada por ' Jessica ', ' Close down ' Home too soon '. Among them out on their own the trilogy, 'Jessica', 'Close down' and 'Home Too Soon'.The difference in this case is marked by deep, gallant voice of Andrew Rached, serene, elegant and deeply moving. For its part 'Close Down' is a most remarkable example of gothic rock british top quality, seasoned with wonderful arrangements of bells and topped with a stunning chorus in two voices. 'Home Too Soon', melancholy and elegant halftime, with the aforementioned vocal collaboration of Julianne Regan, making the issue one of the most prominent pillars "Fifteen years after".

Nor can I fail to mention the catchy 'Last Goodbye', and the few addictive as the trumpet, an instrument so rare in the areas where we tend to move us, lends a welcome air of innovation and freshness. 'Stranger to none', one of the most popular songs of All Living Fear, 'The Widow's Blame', 'Each and every way' (again those great horns) or 'Tomorrow' are also samples of art gothicrockero "of this band could not miss in this compilation of rerecorded hits. These and most other courts shine at high altitude, but none does so much, I think, as I have emphasized the triad in the previous paragraph. Therefore, because these songs seem so great, there are times when I go up the interest costs when the disc moves on. But understand that I am being unfair, I strive to continue listening attentively. The second CD contains the songs "rare", ie the remixes or versions of tracks from another disc, reinterpreted here by other singers. Such is the case of 'Tomorrow', whose potent remix makes it even more impressive than the original, or 'The widow's blame', sung by Arthur Brown, a singer of progressive rock. Impacts also unusual reggae version of 'Last Goodbye' or the remix of 'Stranger to none', too typical and conventional. Issues highlighted here also known as the 'Crimson' or blunt 'Prisoner of the silver plane', two pearls that set it apart as noteworthy are also the dark 'The living' or dynamic 'Game show host'. In short, a cd full of surprises, as listening is far more bearable than the first, perhaps because between songs there is less difference in level.
Whether you're a newcomer to this fascinating world of musical obscurity as if caught in time you wear this wonderful marsh we do not want to leave, you will not bad pay some attention to All Living Fear. If you're in the first group will be good for you realize that what we now term "Gothic" has little to do with that fifteen years ago was interpreted as such. If you're in the second group will be good for you realize that you did not know if All Living Fear something went wrong in your musical education. "Fifteen years after" can fix this bug. -


Jessica - CD Single 1994
The Widow's Blame CD Album 1995
Minimum Resistance - CD Album 1996
Into The Light - CD Album 1999
Home Too Soon - CD Album 2003
NYAGA - CD Album 2004 (As Corrosion)
Fisteen Years After - CD Album 2007



All Living Fear were one of the best known of the 90’s British underground alternative gothic rock bands releasing 3 albums, a single EP and playing over 200 live shows. The band had supported such acts as Theatre Of Hate, Christian Death, Inkubus Sukkubus, The Marionettes, Faith And The Muse and James Rays Gangwar. As well as touring in their own right and had many well known bands support them such as Mesh, Vendemmian and Passion Play. And before anyone asks, though we often played the same venues around the same time we never performed on the same bill as Muse.

In 2003 the band re-surfaced with a new album “Home Too Soon” and opened up for Wayne Hussey (of The Mission) at the Whitby Festival and then proceeded to play shows with The Damned, All About Eve, Spear of Destiny and The Wildhearts to name but a few. Then in 2007 All Living Fear returned with their most ambitions project to date: “Fifteen Years After” consisted of 29 tracks, mostly of songs never before released on CD, along with new versions of old classics. Recording took just over a year in locations such as London, Edinburgh, Devon and Hampshire. With many of our friends taking part in Julianne Regan, Arthur Brown, Nevla, Christian Riou, Steve Bronski and Graham Thomas. The project finished with a live show filmed for DVD release.

In 2009 Vocalist Andrew Racher left freeing up Matthew North to take the band in a different direction where influences are taken from artists such as Pink Floyd, Lloyd Cole, The Cure & King Crimson.