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ALLMANACT is a trio of males who blend classic hip-hop with new soul, contemporary R&B and even dance elements of pop and house with "everyday people" content over hypnotic production. Equally comfortable in the studio and on stage, the group consistently delivers timeless music.


ALLMANACT is a collective consisting of three solo artists/songwriters/producers - DeFakto, S.T.L. and D-Vine. The latter are blood brothers who have been deeply immersed in music for years. D-Vine is an R&B/soul vocalist who also mans the boards as a veteran producer and engineer. S.T.L. (Stress Tha Lyricist) is an emcee with an extensive collection of material that he has recorded over the years (plenty of which was self-produced) as well as a songwriter/producer. DeFakto is an emcee/producer who has joined forces with the brothers after years of solo work. Many collaborations were recorded amongst the three artists prior to the forming of ALLMANACT. The creative chemistry from those sessions made the group a natural progression for the three artists as they continue on with their love of music. The name ALLMANACT is a triple-meaning play on words that means...


ALLMANACT - May 2009

Set List

"I'm So Sorry (Remix)"
"Not Me"
"Gone (House Remix)"