All Marbles

All Marbles


All Marbles is a highly intriguing, completely original, fresh new addition to the improvisational rock scene.


All Marbles is a highly intriguing, completely original, fresh new addition to the improvisational rock scene. Eric “Bones” Parkes and Jayson Schell, both classically trained guitarists, first met at music school attending the University of Redlands California. There Jayson studied classical and jazz and Eric delved heavily into improvisational rock. They soon hooked up with drummer Raul Salazar, who had previously been playing in the raging Ska/Reggae scene, playing on bills with bands like Sublime and The Skeletones. After a year or two of cycling through bass players, yet creating a new inventive foundation of sound, they finally found the final member to their creation, bassist Philip Meilke. All Marbles is a buffet, if you will, of songwriters. Each brings their own styles and tastes to the table. Eric’s songs, equipped with epic jams, have a distinct Southern Classic Rock sound, where as Phillip brings a newer Indie/blues feel to their songs. Finally Jayson, writing everything from bouncy, danceable tunes, to head rocking guitar songs, will always lighten up a set and get people moving. For the past five years All Marbles has concentrated mainly on perfecting their live stage performance, in the fashion of old and current jam bands, like The Grateful Dead, Phish, Govmt Mule, and moe. They did sporadic studio recordings working with all kinds of Southern California’s most talented sound engineers. Then they teamed up with Rivercidal Records who just released their first full length self titled album, which has been flying off the shelves and creating a deafening buzz. They plan to release a live album in the upcoming year. All Marbles is looking forward to hitting the road and seeing all their fans joining them in their journey to the center of rock and roll, and will leave no venue unjammed.


Just One of the Crowd

Written By: Eric Parkes

Just one of the crowd I spread my face around
Like a needle in my arm, I listen to the sounds
I hear some talk about god, I steer clear of the madness
But there’s plaster on the wall where my heart once was
If I couldn’t I wouldn’t come around
One less face one less face in the crowd
Just one of the crowd it all seems so senseless
The way they keep us down keep us from our best
But I’ve been fooled before a knock comes on my door
The evil grin of injustice I can’t take any more
If I couldn’t I wouldn’t come around
But I’m stuck as this face in the crowd
Just one of the crowd to them we’re all the same
One big brother and a number for a name
Just part of the lie, its all in the plan
Make everything go faster stay up if you can
If I couldn’t I wouldn’t come around
One less face one less face in the crowd
Just one of the crowd trying to tear down walls
A stick in the spokes a menace in the halls
And when they come around and beat us with their sticks
We’re gonna stand our ground all part of the crowd

Street Walkin Shadow

Written By: Eric Parkes

Just walked out on Bourbon Street wondering what to do
Bought myself a bottle of beer and ran into you know who
Louisiana woman swinging they you know that they do
Ask me if I want to find a piece of heaven hidden in an old sixty-nine
Under Mississippi street lamp drown in humidity
Ask me if I want to go back to hotel obscurity
Mississippi woman promised everything I could ever need
Making love with fire balls light the way for me when nature calls
Southern street walking women I’ve been with them all
Bubbles Jane Mystical and the rest of y’all
Took me trough the lonely times showed me who to call
I’m still chained up to the bed took the cash left a bump on my head
Street Walking Shadow
Southern street walkin woman
Street walking shadow woman where have you gone


Written By: Eric Parkes

I drink all night long, nothins gone wrong
I take my step in stride, my drunken drinkers pride
turn up the juke box make it right cause we're gonna have aparty till the break of night

The lights are looking dark double vision in the park
the cops done sent us home, but these streets we're gonaa roam
probably not gonna remember this but nows the time to pitch a bitch

I ain't got no shoes the mornings turning blue
I have one more drink and throw up in the sink
Have a nap for on hour or two when I get up babe you know what we'll do


All Marbles 3 song demo (Rivercidal Records)
All Marbles full length album (Rivercidal Records)
The Family 5 song demo
Eric Parkes Soundhole
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Set List

That One
Street Walking Shadow
Just One of the Crowd
Rainbow Moonshine
Its Our Turn
Baby Don’t Forget My Name
Santa Fe Jack
Your Head
Bobby Custer
Long Way
Great Mountain
Fashion Valley Suitcase
New Funk
Long time Comin
Please Don’t Go
So Many Things
Movin On
Soul Vine
Jays New
Philberts New
Walk Together
Here to Stay
Outside Boogie
Knig Excuse
Majik Dress
Mr.White Folks

Goin Down The Road Feelin Bad
Franklins Tower
St Stephen
Cream Puff War
Hard to Handle
Fire On the Mountain
Southern Man
Powder Finger
Can’t You Hear Me Knockin
Soul Shake Down Party
What She Do Now
Too Much Pressure
Sultans of Swing
LA Woman
Sweet Ride
Hand Shake Drugs
Whiskey River
Second That Emotion
White Rabbit
Red House
Piece of My Heart
Snow Blind
Use Me
Ziggy Stardust
More Blues
Dramatic Theme
Miles Runs the Voodoo Down
Who Knows
Stir it