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AllMindsRelated is a rapidly evolving, art-metal, thought-rock nucleus revolving around four progressive musical showmen. With intense time-shifting riffs, trance-inducing drums, mesmerizing bass lines and authoritative vocals, they have twisted listeners’ brains into pretzels since Dec 2004.


All Minds Related is comprised of musicians of widely varying musical backgrounds, blending to create a unique and cryptic sound adequately described as Thought Rock. This Lansing and Kalamazoo-based band includes four members, namely: Tim Galvin - who provides thunderous pocket laying grooves and trance-inducing tribal poly-rhythms, Tony Kolenic - who’s Viking warrior vocals provide a distinctive sound that ranges from engaging subtle whispers, to authoritative explosive screams, Chris Papa - who’s guitar work is exceedingly precise creating distinctive aural atmospheres, and Brian Skok - who’s hard edged melodic bass licks will mesmerize the listener. A key element of All Minds Related’s sound and philosophy is thinking critically of our surroundings as well as our actions and place within it. With a message the world needs to hear, All Minds Related provides the listener with a truly thought provoking experience. Recently, All Minds Related released a full-length album. For sound samples, pictures and show dates, register, login to our website and have a look around.

All Minds Related formed in December of 2004. After only five exciting rehearsals their 14-track debut album "Entity" began production. Released in July of 2004, Entity has enabled All Minds Related to not only gain support for live shows but to determine the direction of the band’s sound. The process of molding each member’s style into a cohesive unit in such a short time resulted in an album full of expansive passages and distinctive structures. The writing of the album was hysterical, enlightened and full of surprises resulting from each of the members reaching into themselves to craft rhythms and progressions previously un-thought. The band grew so much in such a short period of time that they never had to speak about what type of sound they wanted, the entire band operating on a separate unconscious plane, embracing each other’s thoughts truly becoming All Minds Related. The live songs have perhaps grown from the early album’s renditions but Entity’s songs remain the initial offerings. They are beginning to sell out of the first press of 1000 copies.

Currently playing a few shows a month, their local fans never have to wait too long before the next show but they are looking to break into new receptive audiences to increase their following. With each passing show All Minds Related professionalism trumps itself pushing past boundaries and honing their live act. Be sure to catch the latest show because every one is superior to the last. With their live shows continuing to apex, All Minds Related shows no signs of slowing down. When booking All Minds Related, expect a dedicated group of professionals who take their art to the level of absolute precision.



Written By: Tony Kolenic

The choice of failing
You have become quite accustomed to
Silence holds no boundary for you to break
No strength in these walls for you to gather
So hollow and insecure

All around you has become one
Yet you still remain holding on
To something free of lingual confinement. defiant.
Free of all that is known,
Becoming recollected in our minds

What am I to do with you?
Barred by you inhibitions
A will broken before the pierce of choice

Know change. Be all. Be nothing.
On cut and colding feeling faded,
Teaching fools who simply cannot adjust.
Adapt. your life, wasting.
Chasing a simple white lie.

What am I to do with you?
Deteriorating truth
To avoid all conflict, you are not a silent voice
What am I to do with you?
Barred by you inhibitions
A will broken before the pierce of choice
What am I to do with you?

Realizing what cannot be held in sweet silence
Become the fortress of noble nothings
Cracking whips and holding minds
Stranger, you are but a victim of the times

Precious Insignificant

Written By: Tony Kolenic

Stuck, sitting paralyzed
Struggling with unopened eyes
In these word's headlights
Release yourself and learn to rise

All things cycle and spiral out
Celestial goddesses scream neglect
Our will for all to reconnect
The precious insignificant

Celestial songs of silence will
Our earthly potential one-day fill
The hollow broken beaten soul
Unforgivable, refusing shallow

Sister of the sun do not despair in hurtful ways
Twisted gunshots pushing slowly through each of your days
Needle fixing problems your mind begs you to create
Those who cannot see beyond their choices breeding hate

Chaosing the order we will simply never know
For some terrestrial filing we can neither prove nor show
Aimless passages of scripture and false truth
Why? We think as we are as we do

Screaming good bye


Written By: Tony Kolenic

Don't you see the world is ending?
Crashing down as you stand by
Powerless, the silent witness
Learn to see with your third eye

Around the circle once again
One last time to find my friend
We must ascend or grip it to the bitter end

The stampede is right here
You see it, don't ignore it
It WILL ultimately effect us
Embrace the chance to let it go

Looking out the window
Acid rain burns like a forest fire
Denial is all that's left when it's gone

All you are leaving yourself is alone
I've found my home within the void
You can hear it calling you

Fading watching you bend
Means to your end
Fair weather friend
You would not ascend

Please wash these thoughts away
They force me to astray
I’m begging you to stay
Cleanse your thoughts away

My path is holding still
All around me ceasing to pass by
It is cold and waiting

Mind trapped in hating
This presence fading asking why?
All time delaying

Fading watching you bend
Means to your end
Farewell my friend
You will not ascend


"Entity" All Minds Related 14-track debut album recorded independently. Released September 2004.

All audio tracks are available for stream on our website under the "media" section.

Set List

Set time can range from 25-90 minutes depending on venue requirements.

Song list from Entity:

1. 'caust Effective
2. Survival
3. Ministry for Existence
4. Walk in the clouds
5. Fallout
6. Prescious Insignificant
7. Prophet
8. Passive Aggressive

Songs from upcoming album:

9. Parasite
10. Flesh Begotten Robot
11. You

A unique cover may be thrown in time to time to appease certain fans. Possibly Tool or Primus to name two.