Toronto, Ontario, CAN
BandHip Hop

I'm a Nigerian immigrant who was supposed to become a Doctor.


With 1 Million+ cumulative streams on Spotify & Apple Music, Shopé is definitely one of Toronto’s “one-to-watch” up and coming artists. He was originally born and raised in Nigeria, but with his family, later immigrated to Toronto at the age of 11. No stranger to the classic immigrant struggle, Shopé’s personal and musical narratives weave a tale of poverty, ambition, determination, love, and faith. 

His music has been described as honest, and vulnerable, yet bold and confident. That is perhaps why his work has resonated with so many. 
 Shopé's collaborations include GRAMMY-winning producers, Courtney Orlando and Alex Medina, with his performance credits spanning premiere festivals like CMW (Toronto), SXSW (Austin), A3C (Atlanta), showcasing alongside artists like; Tory Lanez, Crooked I, Lecrae, and Andy Mineo, just to name a few. Additionally, his robust touring schedule has taken him across Canada, the United States, Europe and Africa. 

Shopé’s continued growth is a clear indication that he was fashioned for this industry. He has the lyrical prowess to write and compose songs that stir the human soul, and a stage show to match.

 Despite his extraordinary talent however, what truly separates Shopé are his desires and goals for his music. Far from riches and fame, he says, “I believe God is a real God, for real people, with real issues. I just wanna touch the world with my stories”. With the pace he’s going, it seems likely he will do just that.




Don't Let Me Stop

Written By: Mosope Adeyemi,Jeremy Rodney-Hall

Verse 1
Would you be mad, if I said I was the greatest,
And a GRAMMY nom not very long would catch up to my greatness,//
Like everyone's encephalon was tuned up to my cadence,
Just in case in this race, you were wondering if the north would make it//
To the playlist, lots of patience, heavy perspiration,
Tryna carve out a piece in this place considered sacred//
I admit we was late to the party, now in the lobby,
Tryna board up in this game, this ain't a monopoly//
That's what they told us,
So we took it on our shoulders,
Add us to the melting pot,
Toronto we the coldest//
City of dreams,
So silly it seems
To chase your passion in a place where they stick you between,
Autonomy and a wannabe
At least until you wanna leave,
Then they wannabe a part of thee
New discovery//
That's unacceptable
(But) the maple leaf will forever be tatted on my ventricle,
It's love but I'm skeptical//

Don't let me stop now,
Too close to lose it all,
To lose it all

Verse 2
So I'm driving through my city, with my high beams on,
Thinking will I make it, or will I dream on//
That say, Shopé, you get no pay
Tryna be the rap heir,
Better settle down, get a job, start a car-ear (career),//
A quarter past ambition,
Half through indecision,
Three quarter through boarders
Clocking in on ma-ah (my) vision//
So I can't lie
I'm tryna see my name rise,
But a vain prize
Could never be sufficient when my frame dies cuz fame lies//
Humility & ambitious living are they opposed,
That's an open question, cuz honestly I don't know//
I'm just a saint, tryna balance what I know is true,
With an awkward sense of calling that I feel to speak the truth//
So let me back track, I know I'm not the greatest,
But I know I've got a gift so good to shackle off the cages//
I can only pray, I know His ways,
And He shines upon my lonely days,
Filter my ambition, inhibition to those oldy ways,


If I make it, then I'll take it,
If I don't then I won't...
Cuz I did...
Work hard to be the best,
In private and in public, but The Lord, He knows what's best...
The Lord, He knows what's best...
The Lord, He knows what's best...


Scared (Lose Another) ft. Adam P

Written By: Mosope Adeyemi,Adam Pondang

Never wore my heart on my sleeve,
But I find it's even harder to believe
That the feeling's back
Don't wanna deal with that//
But the fact of the matter,
She now on my mind, I-
Don't even know if I wanna
Don't even know if I'm gonna,
Scarred by the pains of another//
Call it what you will
Is it love, is it fear?
I wonder still//
Mistakes (yea)
That my Dad made (yea)
Never wanna repeat 'em I'm on my last page,
(So) Babe,
If I gave it,
Can you promise that you'll never break it,
Never take it,
For granted,
Abandon, me in the cold world
Had a black rose, those were my old girl//
If I took your hand,
(And) God took the lead,
Can you promise just to fight to keep you and,//
To be honest,
I'm feeling you, I know you feeling me,
What's the recipe
Or the remedy
For these broken hearts we keeping underneath,//
Scared to love again,
But our love'll win
If we root it in,
Godly covenant,//
Girl I'm scared too
Forget the rear view,
Let's leave it in the past,
See what God do//

You know it's real easy to let your past define you
Especially when you been hurt,
You find it hard to love again//
But babe look you been hurt, I've been hurt,
Shoot we all broken people//
But we ain't got nothing to worry about,
Since I got you, you got me,
But most importantly.....He's got us!