All of the Animals

All of the Animals

 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

All of the Animals... Not just some!

Psyched out Ukulele. Now add two tons of bass, and stir in the drums. Let the vocals do the talking. Think jungle spaceship, or alien beach party.


Since early 2008 All of the Animals has brought an eclectic and original sound to the New England Area. Creating a wide range of sounds across a multitude of styles including African, Brazilian, Folk, Blues, Rock n' Roll and Jazz. the band has evolved over time into genres unknown. 

With much improvisation and “jamming” there is always something new for your ears to enjoy. Psychedelic uke player and singer William Galbraith, and far-out fretless/upright bassist Tyler Kinser have been crafting unique song styles enjoyed by those with free minds and spirits. 

All of the Animals - Not just some!


Welcome to the Present Moment EP - TBA 2012