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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Arcane and Abel EP review"

"To this end, Arcane and Abel conveys the hopelessness, social injustice and “I am fed up with society” values of Guthrien folk music with a unique blues/metal twist, while keeping it relevant to today's world.

My overall rating: 90 out of 100." - We (heart) Music

"Spanish Language Arcane and Abel EP review"

"Esta banda puede llevar a las lágrimas por nostalgia, sorpresa por su
originalidad o por la fuerza de las, tan sólo, 4 canciones que editan
en el EP..." - Linmod

"Arcane and Abel EP review"

"Beck’s instrumental eclecticism, Radiohead’s moody blues and a handful of other influences blend into an open-minded yet introverted, gloomy yet positively edifying and catchy, simple yet elaborate folkbluesrock." - The Lemur Blog

"Arcane and Abel EP review"

"They released a new EP, Arcane and Abel, this past December and despite it’s mere four tracks, it’s a pretty strong release. I’ve never heard music so much the blues in so many ways. Melancholic and frustrated, fed up and confident, All of Us/None of Us has created a different kind of music that tears at you and drags you in." -

"Arcane and Abel EP review"

"..serious guitar work, and sparse but powerful vocals that drift off hauntingly, leaving you wondering what’s next... they’ve got the gift for writing songs that are vague enough to be what you need them to be but not too vague to be meaningless... musically, the under-production of it (the simple, guitar-driven sound with sparse accompaniment of bass and drum) works... it’s beautifully done...these guys have real talent, snatch this EP up, my darlings. It’s fast become one of my favorites!" -

"From review of Lucky Robot"

" impressive debut album that affords the listener a long-needed break from the usual poop- I mean pop- that gets played on the radio these days.

...They are sometimes sweet, sometimes sardonic but always inviting to the listener"

- Silver Lake Press

"all of us/none of us"

"Sparse, raw, electronic, industrial, grungy, catchy tunes from the West Coast. I love this wide-open approach to rock. With very little at work in the production (guitar, bass, understated drumming), all of us/ none of us makes me stop, listen, and feel. I get it, and it’s done with such a simple arrangement of sound, words and electricity. I really try to avoid comparisons, but I do think Radiohead fans will really dig this band. Just turn on the lava lamp, snuggle into that golden harvest shag rug and dig this groove."
Christy Claxton - Stave Magazine - Stave Magazine


lucky robot (2005) - full length - self released on unamerican records

arcane and abel (dec 2008) four song EP

we've had enough of you (Sept 2009) single and video

Weaponize Our Love (Nov 2009) single

Beggar My Neighbour (June 2010) four song EP



With a sound built around unconventional songs and off-kilter guitar, All of Us/None of Us has drawn comparisons to such diverse artists as PJ Harvey, Beck and Radiohead.

Guitarist and singer Eric Ray, a graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and R Tyck, a recording engineer and college instructor, began collaborating while Ray was living in San Francisco and Tyck in Los Angeles. Originally intending their work to be a studio project, the two wrote and recorded by sending tapes back and forth and making occasional trips between the two cities. Much of their debut album, lucky robot, was recorded in this manner. Upon Ray’s return to his native Los Angeles, the two decided to start performing their material live and began looking for like-minded musicians.

In 2008, they followed up with the well received "Arcane and Abel" - a four song EP whose sound reflected the fact that All of Us/None of Us was now a fully functioning band.

Since Arcane, the band has released two singles - "We've Had Enough of You" and "Weaponize Our Love."

June, 2010 brings the release of “Beggar My Neighbour,” a four song EP on which the band refines its sound – and further defines what they mean when they refer to their music as alternative/folk/metal/blues.