All On Me

All On Me

 Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

Ottawa Electronic & Hip-Hop, riddled with Autotune infused honesty.


All On Me is a solo act from Ottawa, Ontario. Originally as a sideproject in 2004, Jesse Bilodeau began writing music spanning many genres under the name "All On Me", and continued to do so for the next 5 years. In 2009, writing began for the "Welcome To Rejection", which is a 6 track, 23 minute electronic/club infused album utilizing drum machines, synthesizers, cowbells, Auto-tune, over sometimes haunting melodies, and honest lyrics.


chasing feelings

Written By: all on me

settled down; taking chill pills. i'm thrilled.
she called me out for the time that I killed.
barely breathing, I get the feeling that you're leaving then I wake up again.

i'm still chasing that feeling.

you had everything she needed until the day that she cheated.
I have scars but you'll never be able to see them.
I nearly ran out of reasons to keep waiting around.
I put myself through hell.
you never walked in my shoes.
you never listened at all.
I dragged myself through the spring & cant remember the fall.
it's not the chances we take, it's just the effort we fake.
I had it made til' the summer i'm still trying to shake.

I'm still chasing that feeling.


"Welcome To Rejection" EP - 2010 (Digital Release)

Set List

Chasing Feelings
Frazzle Snazzle
No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem
Captain, Captain
Hi Gwen, High Tide
Lost The Need To Breathe
Employment Insurance
Imma Let You Finish