all ordinaries

all ordinaries

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

"While watching the stock market crash and the record industry choke to death you're going to need a handy copy of all ordinaries to pull you through."


Richard Lawson and Marcus Hooper have made some of the most sleek, important and innovative music ever made and recorded in Australia, though no one knows it. Both are extremely reclusive individuals with little to recommend them by way of self-promotion. Even filling out this little bio box could reduce both grown men to tears. Still they don't mind vacating the musical crypt every so often to assault the non-listening public.
They aren't bitter and twisted so much as bemused by the recent major label interest in their work. Catch all ordinaries in action live if you can, though you'll probably only hear by word of mouth.


'Homing Instinct' 2011 out on Anathema.
Available through itunes store or follow this link: