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" your drummer single?"

{Quotes and Press Reviews coming, following the release of our debut EP} - Random Chick after show.


Debut EP "High Road" due for release in 2009.
|Track Listing:|
1) Finding Floors
2) My Weigh Down
3) Wannabe
4) A Brand New Grey
5) Head. Under Water

The above mentioned tracks have recieved regular airplay on Downunda Thunda Radio as well as the Global Thunda Network.



Allostene are four very young gentlemen who reside in the most isolated capital of the world; Perth, Western Australia. They were each exposed to music from the earliest of ages (all being sons of musicians) and from the moment they could walk, exercised their own interests in various forms of instruments & song. Their inspiration, which somewhat justifies their unique sound, can be classified into specific genres of artists as they progressed through their childhood. From ages 6-12 they sought passion in bands like Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses, Metallica, KISS & Black Sabbath with thousands of their parents vinyl completely at their disposal. Through their adolescent years bands like Soundgarden, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Jeff Buckley & Red Hot Chili Peppers would endlessly tickle their musical fancy. During their later teens they progressed through a heavier side and enjoyed KoRn, Tool, Primus, Nine Inch Nails, Pantera, Slipknot & System Of A Down. It was around this period, during the final years of High School that they formed the band, known today as Allostene. With this broad variety of musical influence they were well aware of all the fundamentals that comprise Quality rock music, but at the same time the importance of melody and hooks that maintain a commercial viability.

Allostene began performing live (in licensed venues throughout Perth & W.A) in early 2007 and soon found themselves in high demand of countless booking agents and tour managers that attended their shows. Winning 'runner-up' in a number of highly acclaimed Australian music competitions, they soon became the 'hot fuss' in their small city of Perth. Throughout the remaining 8 months of 2007 and into the beginning of 2008 they performed weekly at all the leading venues throughout Western Australia in support of some of Australia's finest Local and Interstate bands. Their melody-driven, grunge-rock sound and chaotic live performances won them phenomenal reviews around town and found an army of followers return to part-take in more installments of musical mayhem.

In the final months of 2008, 146 shows under their belt and an ongoing, growing, dedicated fanbase, Allostene decided it was time to do something special of their own. They entered Bergerk! Recording Studios for a solid week, under the instruction of reknown producer Alan Smith to record their debut EP "High Road." The result was a 24 minute, 5 track, compilation of angsty, melody-driven, hook-laden, hard rock sounds deemed as "The most important and unique release of 2009. A must have for all 90's and Classic Rock connoiseurs." 3 (more radio-friendly) tracks from the release can be found on all their nominated accounts (including this one). So go have a listen! As their EP flew to the Eastern States to undergo mastering Allostene hit to road to save money for the launch of their CD. They performed 21 shows leading up to the date and released their debut EP to a sold out crowd at Perth's heritage listed, premium venue The Rosemount Hotel on June 20th 2009. A month beforehand they aquired a "Distribution" deal through a low-profile Perth label which ensures sales throughout CD Stores Australia wide as well as ITunes globally. The deal outlined that the company would act ONLY as a Distributer & Marketer and leave complete freedom of managment, recording and label interest completely in the hands of Allostene. Which suits the band perfectly.

Being readily involved in the music industry from such a young age and still being in their early 20's, Allostene are exploiting their current situation to the fullest and pushing their music as far as their limits. The generation of the internet has allowed them to spread their music to the utmost extent of the web and find a following in ALL those who befriend the band. In a time where emerging bands are at record numbers and music releases in abundance, Allostene know the most important thing is music and fans. The key elements to a succesful career. Despite musical trends and the prominance of screamo & hardcore they've promised to stay true to themselves, stand-out from the masses and continually exercise musical integrity. They treat their band as a business, invest every working cent in their passion & music and are willing to put their life on hold, should an opportunity arise to pursue their dreams. The small city of Perth has limits in terms of contacts and audience so their next endeavours will see them tour the entire of Australia and reside to the Eastern States temporarily. They have already begun writing and pre-production of their debut Album (knowing thoroughly that EP's are becoming minimally profitable) and have organised a massive Radio-Plugging campaign of High Road through the entire of North America. Allostene's interests lie very much in America, having such a larger demographic that would identify with their classic rock sound. Australia seems limited to them and they owe it to themselves to a