All Out Riot

All Out Riot


A funky, upbeat, danceable fusion of ska, pop, punk, reggae and rock packed with high energy and positive vibes. Reminiscent of old school ska/punk with a modern twist and honest, relate-able lyrics. A guaranteed crowd pleaser that gets people out of their seats and leaves them smiling.


All Out Riot is a five-piece band from Long Island, NY that was formed in the summer of 2006. Boasting an undeniably brash pop-punk sound infused with ska, reggae, and funk, this group's influences range from Reel Big Fish to Red Hot Chili Peppers. As evidenced by the thrashing throng that attends each show, their grooves are irresistible and far too danceable to ignore. The frontwoman of this eclectic combo and original Riot grrrl, Courtney belts out lyrics that are at once deeply personal and yet easy to relate to in a heart-searing manner. Songs about love lost and gained, and sometimes just pure anger management, serve as superior therapy for both her and the audience. Babs' funky bass lines, Allen's powerful yet focused drumwork, and Michael's rhythmic, riff-friendly guitar keep the party going. And adding a semi-symphonic sound to this punkish outfit, Mike rounds out the tunes with smooth sax solos and catchy horn hooks. This is pure ska bliss without losing its pop sensibility. Keep on skankin'!


4 song demo:
1)Perfect Uncertainty
2)Untitled 317
3)Bleed it Out
4)Last Apology

Set List

Perfect Uncertainty
Untitled 317
Mr I
Ever After
Bleed it Out
She Has a Girlfriend Now (Reel Big Fish cover)
Cab Rides
Ink Machine
Your Love
The Fall
King of Wishful Thinking (Go West cover)
Ode to My Fake ID
Last Apology