melodic metal with a touch of complexity, we like to keep the energy moving and changing in our songs


For Immediate Release;

"Part I: Lost in the Veil of Darkness", the debut EP from metal band ALLOY20,
will be released on October 20, 2012.

The CD was mixed by acclaimed producer Kevin ‘131’ Gutierrez (SHINEDOWN, RAVEN, BELIEVER) and was mastered by U.S. mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum (SEPULTURA, HALFORD, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, ANGRA, DOKKEN)

The song “Silent Calls” from the EP can be heard now on YouTube at the link below.

"Gathering the forces from metal monsters Tension, Omega Point, Snydly Crunch to build a new beast with searing metal vocals, pounding drums, and crunching guitars coagulate with acrobatic guitar solos to reveal a thrashing force, ALLOY20.”

Their debut release Alloy20 Part I: Lost in the Veil of Darkness

Reaches digital outlets on October 20, 2012.

ALLOY20 recently announced a music video celebration project with Award-winning documentarian and filmmaker, Rudy Childs (“Tension: 25 Years Underground”).
ALLOY20 is:

* Jeff Grove (OMEGA POINT) - Vocals
* Billy Giddings (DEUCE, TENSION) - Drums
* Michael Ricketts (VENGEANCE, SNYDLY CRUNCH) - Guitar
* Sean Taylor Brown - Guitar
* John Taylor – Bass

“Silent Calls”, from ALLOY20 Debut EP:
ALLOY20 Website: http://ALLOY20ROCKS.COM


Silent Calls

Written By: Alloy20: S. Brown, B. Giddings, J. Grove, M. Ricketts, J. Taylor

Silent Calls:
in the light of a new day I wake
eyes red from the night before, out late
the mist is slow to clear
silent calls
I try to rise but my legs fail and shake
(am I falling am I falling)
madness in this sense I try to make, could this be the end of days
(the silence is killing me, it’s killing me)
silent calls
could this be the end of days
the clock turns, time is standing still
the undertow of the truth is drowning me
and the stillness suffocates
silent calls
could this be the end of days
am I the last to stand
will I see the face of God
is this the rapture
(solo: Michael Ricketts)
(solo: Sean Taylor Brown)
I want to hear a whisper in my ear
but time is standing still and my heart knows what I’m yearning for
I know what I need now, the time is drawing near
time is lost for me now, I’ll never see his face
(I’ll never see his face)
it’s too late, the pain is killing me
silent calls
what a waste
(solo: Sean Taylor Brown)


EP: Alloy20 Part I: Lost in the Veil of Darkness (2012)
Lyric Video:

Track Listing:
1) Demon of Destruction
2) Silent Calls
3) Veil of Darkness (with guest appearance by Mathew Mills)
4) More to Give