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"Schooled Magazine Interview"

"Whats the music style? "Not completely definable," Allred explains. "Just give it a listen and see if you like it."
With influences ranging from Jimmy Eat World to Jamison Parker, and a musical campaign to get their message across to anyone including little kids, tatooed-and-pierced rockers, and even parents, this is music most people are likely to find a place for.
"I'm not good at anything else," Allred admits. "I was average at school and a bad driver. Music is just what we love to do." It must be true, since he's come out with three CD's in the last year-"Some Place New", "Acoustic EP", and a "Christmas EP"- and working on another to be released in a few months. Besides that, he's basically giving away to fans, costing only $5 at shows.

- Schooled Magazine

"Allred Acoustic EP Review"

I once briefly wrote through a review of Allred that read, and I'm paraphrasing: "If you want to listen about pain, go listen to [some other band]." And, well, I have to agree. Though, if you want to listen about love, emotion, and some damn good music, you should pick up a copy of Allred's Acoustic EP.

In this seven song EP, John took our favorites from his Some Place New album and worked a little lovin' into them. It's clear that with this album he took the time to produce each individual song exactly the way he wanted them, and exactly the way we wanted to hear them.

The quality and styling of the music is so amazing, it's almost as if John is right in the room with you to put on a live performance (and if you've been able to catch one, you know how awesome an experience that is).
Anyone that has experienced love can relate with Allred's song "Golden." The line, "I can't make a move without there being something I could lose," connects with anyone that's ever had to make a choice.

The acoustic version on his new LP pulls you right in. It holds you close as it washes over your heart and relates to everything you've ever thought about feeling for someone. Pain? No. Love? You got it.


"American Fork High School: Forkaster"

"There are so many different kinds of music in Utah Valley, mostly wanna-be punk rockers and a few ska bands. But every once in a while, a musician comes along that can change the way you think about life. The lyrics echo in and out of your brain during every day of your pathetic existence, and you apply every song they write to your life. Ladies and gentleman, allow me to introduce you the one and only John Allred...John's haunting voice will mesmerize you, and the lyrics will entice you.

The guitar work is excellent, and the blend of all of this together is indescribable. It is slow music but you feel like the songs end too soon. Countless nights have been spent singing this album in the car with my friends, and many more are yet to take place. The Emo genre has never looked so genius than this album...Another thing about Allred is they sound every but as good live as they do on the album. If you are wondering what he sounds like, it is very difficult to describe.

It is acousticly emo, but it has so much more to it than a mere classification of a genre...Allred is the best music to hit Utah in a long, long time."

Steve Barrington
American Fork High School: Forkaster
- Steve Barrington

"BYU Daily Universe - New band creates heavy Buzz in Provo"

"A local band is creating waves in Utah's music scene with his emo-pop tunes. Allred released his first album, "Some Place New," Saturday at Muse Music. John Allred, said the group loves performing at Muse Music, and it is a perfect place to release their CD. "It's kind of a low-key, cool place to hang out," Allred said. "It's got a really amazing vibe."

Although he has only been together for a short time he was one of the finalists in Muse's Battle of the Bands. Allred said he has loved music for as long as he can remember. He said he has memories of playing around on the piano at age 3. His mother, a music teacher, helped him gain a passion for music.

Originally the CD was going to be recorded as an acoustic album, but the band was added later Allred said. Allred, originally from West Hartford, Conn., said he sold everything and moved to Utah to find people who shared a similar lifestyle. This is one of the meanings behind the title of their album, "Some Place New." "This is all from people who genuinely love music," Allred said."

Sara Monson BYU Daily Universe Staff
- Sara Monson

"Keene State College Equinox - Show Review"

John Allred's lyrics read like personal diary entries. In them, the singer openly talks about life, love and relationships in a candid, almost confessional tone that cuts right into the heart of the matter.

The crowd was hanging on every emotionally charged lyric.He takes the listener on a personal journey between the brighter and darker aspects of relationships. - Tom Lorochelle

"Some Place New CD Review"

"There's an almost heartbreaking earnestness that flows freely throughout the ten tracks of Allred's debut album, "Some Place New."

Eponymous singer/song-writer Johnny Allred's aching vocals breath life into arrestingly personal lyrics while the ethereal acoustics give the album a tortured angst and often haunting melancholy.

The album features an Alternative/Emo vibe, but has a pop sensibility. Breakout songs include the introspective "Clovers," with thoughtful lyrics like, "I'm starting all over with a pocket of clovers in a world that won't wait," the lush "Golden," the anguished "Lucky Scars," and the album's superb title track, "Some Place New."

Influences no doubt include Red House Painters, Damien Rice and Dashboard Confessional, but I would hesitate to categorize Allred's sound, for it transcends genre and resonates long after listening. Allred is definitely a band to watch out for.

- Local Underground - Jared Walking Eagle

" Review of "Parades""

"this is music you haven't heard before but you swore you have. This is a songwriter who knows where music has been and where it is going." -


Some Place New (2009)
Acoustic EP (2005)
Christmas EP (2005)
One Step Away (2006)
Someone Different (2007)
Parades (2008)
Covers (2008)



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With influences like The Goo Goo Dolls and Jimmy Eat World, John Allred has been spreading his music from coast to coast for the last 5 years.

Releasing a total of 5 albums under the name "Allred" and selling over 20,000 copies independently. All releases effectively capturing acoustic based songwriting and heartfelt lyrics that are relatable to people of all demographics.

Developing an original approach to live electronics and loops has helped John stand out amongst other acoustic singer/songwriters in his genre. Allred has consistently toured the United States from your average coffee house, to colleges and recently the largest arenas.

John has shared the stage with several national acts and has been on regular rotation on national radio waves since 2006. (101.9 The End, 107.9 The Mix and X96). Pick up the new release "The Sound" September 27th! to hear the next chapter in Johns story.

John has been fortunate to have shared the stage with:

Ace Enders
A Rocket To The Moon
As Tall As Lions
Ben Folds
Ben Lee
Cute is What We Aim For
Dashboard Confessional
Edwin McCain
Forever The Sickest Kids
Goodbye Tomorrow
Hit The Lights
Houston Calls
Howie Day
Jason Reeves
Jeffrey Gaines
Jimmy Eat World
Joshua James
Just Surrender
Lorene Drive
Matt Nathanson
Meg and Dia
My American Heart
Person L
Portugal The Man
Ronnie Day
Rookie of The Year
Secondhand Serenade
The Ataris
The Audition
The Brobecks
The Classic Crime
The Fold
The Higher
The Honorary Title
The Juliana Theory
The Last Goodnight
The Secret Handshake
The Summerset
This Providence
Tyrone Wells
We Shot The Moon
Waking Ashland

and many more!