All Souls In

All Souls In


Rocking Band that promotes Christian and Moral Values. We play original and cover tunes that will never dishonor God or offend people with offensive lyrics.


Approximately 10 years ago, Greg Putz (Lead Singer, Guitar) and Jeff Briggs (Drums) started attending the same church. After a couple years of casual talks in the foyer at church and a few mens’ breakfast meetings, they found that they had a lot in common and similar interests in music. Eventually, the church implemented drums and bass guitar into it’s worship service, but Greg didn’t play. Jeff played the drums for years and would always ask Greg to join in and play with the worship team. Greg always shied away from the invitations because he had feelings of inadequacy. The years continued to roll by. Jeff eventually stopped asking Greg to play with the band (well at least stopped asking as much).

But, God always has a way of getting people to come out of their comfort zone, and He certainly got Greg to (but that’s a different story). Greg went out and got himself an electric guitar and an amplifier. He would get together with Jeff for a few hours of jamming after the Sunday morning worship service. Things pretty much started to evolve from this point on. The church had a great bass guitar and amp that had been left by its original owner and it sat unplayed for a couple of years. Greg asked the church Board if he could use it and took it home and started to write some songs.
ALL SOULS IN is very passionate about its mission, to go as far as we can to spread the word of Christ and to bring words of hope and encouragement to all the Saints everywhere. The name of our band is “All Souls In,” because we know Jesus would like to see each and every person come to believe in His Name. This will enable people to live a full and blessed life here on Earth following Jesus and, afterward, go to Heaven to be with Him for eternity where everything will be as God had intended for us in the first place.


currently in studio

Set List

By my Side
I am
Shout it out Loud
The Beast
Who's Laughin' Now
Jesus,Lover of my Soul
Wash it all away
When the earth shakes
Set list runs about 1 1/2 hours