all spots to black

all spots to black


70s roots rock - moody at times. and why not?


Think late 70s roots rock. Think of new england winter. Think of a towering stack of indie comics falling over onto the floor.

When All Spots To Black frontman Fil Krohnengold began his music career, he was a scant 11 years old - a member of a touring choir based in new jersey, traveling the states and overseas - doing school work from the seat of a retired Greyhound bus for a month at a time. Looking back, the trajectory was probably set back then.

Now a restless multi-instrumentalist, Fil Krohnengold is a career collaborator - having toured/recorded with Jeff Tweedy (wilco) and Gary Louris (the jayhawks) in Golden Smog, with the band Gomez, with Ben Harper, Duncan Sheik, and others. Now in Los Angeles, he makes his musical home as a member both the americana/alt-country and indie rock families.

In All Spots To Black, Krohnengold combines the stark simplicity of a guitar trio with lush vocal harmonies in a palette reminiscent of panels from the indie comics he credits with much of his inspiration for songwriting. Hang-gliding in the appealing chasm between craggy despair and defiant vulnerability, the band falls somewhere between the moody roar of Mark Kozelek's Red House Painters and Tonight's-the-Night-era Neil Young. This is harmonic rock played with a sort of thoughtfully grim resignation that, when bolstered by an artful bottleneck slide guitar, transcends the inherent melancholy of the songs. The music is brainy, but mellow, but loud.

The band also features bass player Lucas Cheadle (lucinda williams, michelle shocked), drummer Al Sgro (gary jules, alexi murdoch) and singer (and monster songwriter herself) Holly Conlan.

Look for their record The Water Tower this winter.


The Water Tower

Written By: Fil Krohnengold

hold on, step carefully,
these dirty rungs will be the death of me.
now day-glow nights come much too soon.
stealing hours from the afternoon.
all looks well in the quiet hour -
we'll spend tonight on the water tower.

so long to wild nights -
no one else ever held so tight.
the air changed when you came -
in daddy's car with the engine pings.
wasted in our darkest hours;
parked down there by the water tower.

remember all this placid scenery?
forget me not. i'll wake this town up.
i miss you. i fault you entirely.

can we hang while i get stoned a while
and remember our water tower?

Out Of My Mind

Written By: Fil Krohnengold

here's to the hard times, the blackest dark nights,
and to the stories we told.
and to the good times. if they gave medals,
we would have walked with the gold.

when it felt like home i danced like Fred Astaire -
imagined days i'd see the grey in your hair.
did i just waste your time?
i must have been out of my mind.

who is this man now? where did he come from?
how long was i out at the wheel?
my head is spinning. you're not convincing.
i'm watching you fight what you feel.

just take a walk around inside my head.
a weaker man might now have woken up dead.
did i just waste my time? i must have been out of my mind.

when i look back and see the mess i'm in,
i stand by everything i said and did.
i never thought that any part of it
was any waste of time.
i thought you loved me - or could have.
i must have been out of my mind.


Powderpuff - EP (2007)
The Water Tower (2010)

Set List

Sets range from 35-60 minutes depending on venue.

Goodbye #2
Out of My Mind
Bread and Water
Long Way Home (supertramp cover)
War Dance
Face to Face