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The All Star Click is three individuals, recognized for their youth and energy throughout their city. Earning their recognition and reputation as independents has been their trademark. Every song is created to grab the attention of their listener while making an impact on the industry.


ASC is a most talented and unique rap group striving to leave their mark on the music industry. All three Artist create songs and lyrics that leave their listeners begging for more. The type of lyrics that keep you rewinding, to hear what was said again and again. The intensity of every line comes at you, track after track.
Their originality and unique concept of music and style is an ACS statement all its own. At every public appearance or performance their fashion trademark of baby shoes hung around their necks to match the shoes on their feet leaves an audience clamoring for more.
The All Star Click is the hottest trio out of Tucson, Arizona, right now. Their youth, style and talent has all the makings of long term success for this group, although their ages range from 17 to 18 years old, their talent and knowledge of the industry show their veteran status among their peers, as they continue to make all the right moves.
HEAT, the groups producer has invested thousands of dollars into his studio over the life of this last project and with that, the group has embarked on their latest effort which has a street date of late 07' with the intention of releasing singles throughout 08'. Their current album " HEAT N Agony 120 Bars Collab " is currently out. )
ASC music is unlike anything you have heard before, the style of music they are producing is their contribution to help usher in a new era for RAP/Hip Hop music. Their lyricism brings the old school type of rap back, as opposed to the one hit wonders currently in rotation on urban/contemporary radio. This style is so unique, listener's have no choice but to be brought in and captured by what they are hearing.


Like That

Written By: HEAT

Im like that how y ou get it on the floe
Pop ya booty round now take it down low
Just like that, like that, like that
like that, like that, like that, I like that
Im likin’ how you roll, maybe we can roll
Baby take control now take it down low
Just like that, like that, like that
like that, like that, like that, I like that

Verse 1:
I really like that…girl do you like this?
You got some nice hips, grindin by my iced wrist
N my white kicks, never been scuffed
Ya Smile priceless ,fresha than ya peppermint gum
Ha, so move ya booty girl, u know you a cutie girl
If other dudes smother you, then burn em like a doobie girl
Cuz you the flyest that I seen in this place
If you inspired to get higher, I got weed we can blaze
N get uplifted, baby girl you gifted
Ta pop lock n drop it, break it down, start getting twisted
Ya girl twist it, shake it around
She like an earthquake shakin the ground, She also shaking the crowd,
everybody wanna play with her now
And this aint a wedding, we aint making no vows
It just aint what im bout
But I really like that… girl do you like this
Come over my crib tonight and we can work a night shift

Verse 2:
Hugh…ya I really like that
HEAT the hottest dude, colda than a ice pack
I see you glance every time that I pass
And you the type of girl that I couldn’t bypass
Shakin on the dance floe, really you can dance tho
Hit them high notes when they strumming on ya banjo
Im fresh like a Lambo-ginne when you see me
Girl take a wish, I could be ya genie if you need me
And plus, im likin that move right there
How ya break it down, up n down like stairs
Others might stare, but you noticing me
I love how ya body go to the beat
If you wanna go we can leave
I got trees, we can float in the breeze
Like a boat in the oceans n seas
No tokens, no fees
N I really like that… girl do you like this
Come over my crib tonight and we can work a night shift

Verse 3:
Im likin them eyes, im likin them lips
Likin them thighs, no surprise damn likin them hips
Shit you a dime on my list, already got it figured out
That other dude that’s jockin you need ta find a different route
No doubt about it plus you notice im fly
Hypnotized once you noticed my eyes
You wanna roll with the guy, and that’s fine we can roll in my whip
My Buick clean, windows limousine tint
So you fittin to get it, two miles an hour so everybody sees me
Sparkin up the seaweed, get higher than a TeePee
And watch ya shake it while you takin it low
If you a rookie, imma make you a pro, Lets continue the show,
I got the ice around my neck and it glows
Leave you froze how I perfected the flow
Plus ya sexy you know…
N I really like that… girl do you like this
Come over my crib tonight and we can work a night shift


The HEAT N Agony "120 Bars Collab" was released on September 19, 2007. This is the freshman album released by ASC as a group.

The 1st single off of the album 120 Bars Collab, "Ben Franklin" received airplay locally on Tucson radios HOT 98.3, and the video for the song, is being shot in HD this month. Again showing their commitment to the quality of their music and style, the use of HD cameras is sure to give the video a uniqueness all its own. (Look out for that)

HEAT's single "Like That" has blown up on MYSPACE, reaching over 700 plays this month.

ASC recent performance for a radio station event at local club in Tucson was a complete success, recognized by the audience and local media as "best act" gives these Artist the recognition they been awaiting. With more performances on the horizon ASC is sure to continue the growth of their fan base.

Currently the group is slated to headline an upcoming show at Club Envy in Tucson.

Check out the MYSPACE:

Set List

HEAT, Agony, Mike 1
(D & 1 other person) hype men...

"Ben Franklin"
"Like That"
"Picture Perfect"