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"Album Review - Melodic.Net-1"

'...contains 10 edgy hard hitting modern rock tracks with crunchy guitars and super melodic choruses.'

'Sometimes you just wanna rock without any bigger complications in the music, that's where this band comes in and turns up the amps at max - frontman Nick Mazzei knows how to rock with class.'

'Let me tell you, Chad Kroeger has to watch out coz the spot of being the no:1 modern rock composer in Canada may change with Mazzei around.'

'The rocker "Never you" gets the motor running for sure and is powered with enough kilowatts to light up Las Vegas...'

'...a massive portion of melodic modern rock. Really good from start to end with all the ingredients that you want to have...for sure!'

'...We got rough guitars, a great vocalist in Nick Mazzei and perfect rock anthems that would suit any action movie these days.'

'...modern rock with classic hardrock influences all over. Thumbs up guys, we want more!!'

- Kaj Roth, Johan Wippson

"Album Review - Greentoe.Net"

'If Santa did not bring this gem of a disc to you for Christmas, write him a nasty letter and go buy this!'

'...inspired and thoughtful, blending what is the norm today, with some new flavours that are not readily available.'

'Very well rounded song writing.'

'...I will definitely be trading in my Jock Rock 3 CD to have a listen to this.' -

"Album Review -"

"Lost In The Soul Deposit has strong songs with hooks that grab you from the first listen."

"The opening track “Soul Deposit” has a driving beat that will make you want to listen and strong vocals…actually most of the songs do. "

- Alyssa Caplin

© 2006, All Rights Reserved
- Tangible Sounds

"Album Review -"

About the third track in, I wasn’t too impressed with Windsor, Ontario's All The Brightness’s Destiny Weeps. There was nothing really new, nothing really memorable, and nothing that I could really sink my teeth into. I just wasn’t feeling it. But then the fifth track “Facing It Alone” kicked me in the ass and basically said “Wake up! Listen to this CD”. Out of nowhere hooky as hell track, that has a chorus that gets stuck in your head for hours. This track wasn’t a fluke, because everything just seemed to get better from there. It took the first couple lines of “Next Time” to make me forget the first couple tracks on the CD and by “Don’t Get Me Wrong”, with out even realizing it, I was turning up my car stereo and bobbing my head along with the punchy chorus. This CD had now completely redeemed itself to the point where I didn’t even realize it was done and started over at track No. 1, which seemed to have a lot more strength and made a lot more sense the second time around. Good Canadian Rock from an indie band. Well done!
- Oddball Productions

"Album Review -"

A testament to any rock band or artist is the ability to match or even surpass their debut album with a second full-length recording. I could name drop a shopping list of amazing bands from years gone by who have not been able to deliver a second record and you probably know of dozens of bands too. Toronto's All The Brightness have successfully accomplished beating the odds with the release of Destiny Weeps (2008).
Recorded this past summer at SLR Studios (Windsor, ON) produced by All The Brightness along with Martin Bak who also looked after engineering and mixing duties helped ATB notch their place along the Canadian music landscape with a highly impressive 12-songs, second full-length album. No filler, no fluff. Every song is as good as the next. Destiny Weeps is more than a follow up to Lost In The Soul Deposit (2005), it's a damn good disc.

Just how you and I have grown over the past three years so have Kevin Bailey (Bass Guitar), Nick Mazzei (Vocals, Guitar) and Pete Maniatis (Drums). Talented musicians reaching new heights but also on an intellectual level as I thoroughly enjoyed the songwriting on every song. These guys were certainly inspired and as a devoted music lover I'm grateful they continue to share their gift.

"Lies Lies Lies" is the opening track; commanding such a statement you know the band has a lot on their mind and they say it with a pounding guitar. Lyrical passages including "A lotta lotta nothing finds it's way into my conscience" is something everyone has felt at one time or another and the way Nick sings this, he's making it quite personal.

The album is filled with stellar drumming but the second song titled "Overtaken" is where Pete Maniatis shines on percussion.

"Go On" and "Not The One" are exceptional mid-tempo rock ballads that could easily find their way to mainstream radio.

"Right Where I Wanna Be" is track 6, a real catchy gem with an infectious beat as the rhythm guitar and bass dance in harmony creating a near reggae-sound.

The album closes, much like a good book, with a lovely ballad titled "The Gesture". The music is beautiful and the story told even sweeter. I can visually picture ATB performing this song live in the near future as musical guests on a late-night talk show.

This album is available at your favourite brick and mortal retail outlet; if it's not, demand it! You can also order directly from the band through their snazzy website.

The simple design of the two-fold liner notes opens with lyrics displayed as if being viewed on a wide-screen television. Plenty of credits and kudos expressed by the band; chatting occassional with Kevin, Nick and Pete over the years I know these are sincere thanks to those mentioned.

Destiny Weeps: Highly recommended, mission accomplished.

- Chris White

"The Luster Of All the Brightness"

It was refreshing to sit and chat with a band full of experience, passion and focus. I had the pleasure to interview drummer, Pete Maniatis and frontman/guitar player, Nick Mazzei, two members of the dynamic trio All The Brightness. The Bass Player, Kevin Bailey, was not available.

All the band members have a wide range of previous experiences that led them to the formation of the band. The key ingredient to their recent success is the chemistry and creative process that they all share. Everyone has equal input and if they do not agree on a riff or beat, they leave it alone and move on to the next masterpiece. It is rare to find this recognition of value among band mates during the creative process.

Prior to meeting the boys, I listened to their first CD titled “Lost in the Soul Deposit.” The CD reveals intrinsic and ecliptic sounds of influence ranging from the power bands of ‘70s to the melodic energies of the ‘80s. The band considers their music aimed at the thirty- something crowd. However, the asserting sounds give the band their own brand that will fair well with any listening audience.

With songs like ‘Til It’s Over,’ arranged creatively and systematically by Producer, Sean Baillie, with its heading drum intro to the crescendo of heavy vocal and guitar, to the metal style arrangement of “Soul Deposit,” or the distinctive 50’s style rock with a ‘90s grudge feel of “One Thing”, this CD will certainly entertain the masses of any demographic.

The band was recently nominated for ‘Best New Indie Artist’ and Best Unearthed Band by Radio xXx Music Awards and previously won the station’s “Unearthed” contest. They were also invited by the famous Edge 102.1 FM to take part in the Steam Whistle Indie Club series during Canadian Music Week on March 4th at 228 Yonge Street. at 9:00pm.

If you would like a treat for all the senses, come out and watch the rich luster of All The Brightness. You are guaranteed not to be disappointed.

For more information about All The Brightness check out their web site at and be sure to pick up their debut CD “Lost in the Soul Deposit.

- Spill Magazine Feature by Val Mauro

"Album Review - Strutterzine"

8.5 out of 10

...The CD of the band contains 10 tracks, ranging from uptempo melodic rockers like the very catchy “Beautiful massacre”, “Come a long way”, “Frozen” and “Never you” to more midtempo groovy Hardrocksongs such as ... opener “Soul deposit”, while a strong radio ready ballad like “’Till it’s over” can also be found. The result is that we end up with the fact that all 10 songs contain catchy memorable choruses, so this is definitely a band to check out asap if you like the current North American catchy melodic
- Strutterzine

"Album Review -"

" of the finest Canadian alt-rock albums of the year."

"Ten clever tracks ...Ten inspiring messages that can easily captivate any large venue or the intimacy of you and your iPod Nano... All the songs on the album can earn a spot on any internet chart out there.

"...Lost In The Soul Deposit is a solid Rock album in it's sweetest form. Highly recommended."

-Chris White

"Album Review -"

"Before you finish listening to this debut album, you will likely catch yourself singing along. I even dare you not to sing along to the opening track, Soul Deposit. Trust me, it'll hurt a bit."

"These dangerously catchy tracks are brimming with lyrics that are heartfelt, and definitely not whiny, which is very refreshing."

"The band could easily become the next Nickelback, with one hit after the other streaming on three Toronto radio stations at once."

"Give these guys a listen. If not now, you will later!"

-Christine Atkinson,

- Christine Atkinson

"Album Review -"


All The Brightness three larries from Toronto, I first saw the video for their first single ‘Never You’ off their debut LP “Lost In The Soul Deposit” on Much Loud. The track was severely catchy and pleasant to the ears, naturally I had to hear more. I discovered they were already my myspace friends so it was easy to find the tunes. The band consists of three Nick Mazzei – Vocals and Guitar, Kevin Bailey – Bass and on Drums Pete Maniatis. On August 15th they dropped their sophomore record “Destiny Weeps” at the EL Mocambo in Toronto where many bands have played over the years including bands like Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones etc. ‘Destiny Weeps’ is a twelve track LP with tunes that will linger in your head for months.

Killer tunes like ‘Easier Said’ leave an imprint with raging solid guitar rhythms and melodic harmonies with haunting lyrics. “Now the world is out to get you again, you’re lied to denied as you try to make amends.” Near the end of the track there is a great guitar solo as most of their tunes pay tribute to the amazing instrument giving it the attention it deserves. These ears love all the guitars tis why I was entranced with this band to begin with. Vocals are tight the sound of Mazzei’s voice is full and ready to take on the world, with power and pitch to perfection the tone is pleasant and he utilizes his vocals well fitting almost perfectly with the music. Great back up vocals all placed accuratley to compliment the lead vocals. After seeing ATB rock out live, the vocals are the same if not better live, just as power punched on disc as they are live, extremely relieved to hear they can rock it live and on record, very important for the future of any band.

Not only do they have rocking tunes on this LP they have the softer sounds as well with power ballads such as “Facing It Alone” a definite hit and “The Gesture” which kind of sounds like the first track “Lies Lies Lies” but only the beginning of the verses are similar in sound the tracks differ once the tune progresses. “On The Outside Again” another power ballad with words from the heart. Nick wrote the lyrics, and all three concocted the insanely ill music with the help of producer Martin Bak. The substance in the lyrics is why I continue to listen other than the obvious; instead of the fluffy jibberish that you hear on the radio this is real talk and these days it is rare. Everyone is out for the dollar bills forgetting about the art of music, the connection and influence a tune can have in people’s lives, knowing they have the same issues giving them a reason to live, it is profound; music is more than just a pretty melody.

A few more tracks that must be mentioned are ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’, ‘Right Where I Wanna Be’ and ‘Overtaken’. Overtaken for the lyrics and the screamage at the end of the tune and of course the music is ridiculous loving it, all the guitars just feeding my electric obsession. ‘Don’t Get Me Wrong’ is another floater “Don’t get me wrong I’m just tryin’ to hold on to everything that’s right.” the riffs, the smooth transitions everything about the track is precise. Not much to complain about other than Mazzei needs to watch some of the vocal arrangements and melodies so they don’t sound like a rerun. Due to his strong vocals they could fall into a Nickelitis pattern. He can’t help it that’s just how his voice is, just as Kroeger of Nickelback can’t help it. Redundancy is most prominent in the first and last tracks as already mentioned.

Rock and roll to the core Canadian’s know how to bring it! My ears are happy to have seen these larries on Much Loud. I love their music and you will too the album is available on CD Baby and Indie Pool. The first LP won them a few awards Destiny Weeps will take All The Brightness to the next level infectious and incomparable truly a masterpiece, their destiny will be weeping with joy.

08/18/08 - FRIDAE MATTAS
- Fridae Mattas


'Lost in the Soul Deposit' - 2005
'Destiny Weeps' - 2008



This power trio hailing from Toronto is comprised of frontman Nick Mazzei, bassist Kevin Bailey and drummer Pete Maniatis. Growing up in the big city and coming from three culturally distinct backgrounds, the group has found a way to intertwine their diverse musical influences, inspired by the one thing they love the most... kick ass rock! The end result speaks for itself as great success followed the '05 release of their debut album "Lost in the Soul Deposit". The band took first prize in the USA songwriting competition in '06 for alternative rock, had their video added to rotation on MUCH MUSIC'S MUCH LOUD in the fall of '07, and had their song "Never You" chosen to be part of the musical score in an episode of the hit T.V. series "SHARK" starring James Woods. Other notable achievements include co-producing/performing the opening theme song for the reality based T.V. show "Crash Addicts" on the Outdoor Life Network, and most recently being featured in the Vin Diesel video game "Wheelman" by Midway Games soon to be released. Taking their experience and confidence into the studio in early spring 2008, the band set out to put their songwriting/producing skills into motion to record their second album, "Destiny Weeps". The result of their efforts is a collection of 12 masterfully crafted, super-catchy songs which has already been received with overwhelmingly positive feedback from the music industry since its release in late summer of 2008. Poised to build off the success of LITSD, All The Brightness looks to conquer, wherever their "destiny" takes them.