All The Damn Action

All The Damn Action

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

All The Damn Action is exactly what the name states. Expect a great live rock show, with catchy songs, and tons of energy from the band. A girl singer heavy rock band, with elements of pop, you are surely not to be let down.


Explosive. Loud. Slightly rambunctious. It’s all in the name for All The Damn Action. Weighing in at a collective 4,000 pounds (gear included), these four rockers epitomize local music. Crank the catchy guitar riffs, feel the raw lyrics, bang your head to the chorus, and you’ll know what it feels like to love having a song stuck in your head.

ATDA has roots spread throughout musical genres from metal to pop, and with over a year of original material under their belt, they have all the makings to be one of your favorite new bands. Armed with a new EP and a kick ass live show, ATDA is ready to remind you what you love about local music. Check them out at a venue near you!


Feature Presentation- November 2012
All The Damn Action EP- June 2011

Set List

Swords are Swords
This Is Me
Teenage Riot
Don't Fade
I lost a sai (but I can get it back)
Heavy Lies The Crown