All The Ghosts

All The Ghosts


All The Ghosts reside in Brooklyn and have been compared to the likes of Postal Service, Slowdive, Jesus & Mary Chain, & Spiritualized. All The Ghosts have been together for about a year and have a strong fan base and following. ATG blends rock with sensible electronica. ATG deserves to be heard.


All The Ghosts… 3 boys, 1 girl & 1 computer. Blending waves of chimey melodic guitars, seductive boy/ girl vocals, sub-worthy bass with glitch-pop/electro-rock beats, this New York City band has created a sound that is both sonically lush and emotionally rock-driven. Formed in 2003, the band is singer/guitarist Andrew Kwasny, singer/keyboardist Eva Maravelias, guitarist Brian Wenckebach, and bassist Mac “Diamond” Powell. Having been influenced by the likes of My Bloody Valentine, The Postal Service, Stereolab, and The Cure, All The Ghosts arrive at their musical meeting point with songs that contain sensible pop melodies, ethereal guitar noise, sugary bass lines, danceable beats & sentimental vocals.

Keys, the All The Ghosts E.P., was recorded, mixed, and mastered by the band in various bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. “Self Medication,” the first song on Keys, demonstrates how All The Ghosts meld bright guitar melodies with electronic dance beats and bittersweet sing-along vocals. Andrew and Eva’s call and response vocals in “This Connection” bring to life the story of an unhealthy love obsession, as driving drum and bass rhythms and explosions of guitar delay punctuate the urgency of the song. String & brass arrangements, swelling textured guitar noise, and breakbeats lay the heartrending groundwork for Andrew’s emotive consoling of a lost soul in “Off Nite 4 A Socialite.”

Having plugged in, turned on, and played out in such venerable NYC venues as Rothko, Sin-é, Pianos, The Delancey, and Luna Lounge, All The Ghosts give their live performances just the right amount of blood, sweat, and rock-n-roll showmanship. Amongst the glow of their ibook drummer, the band has been known to engage in acts of amp climbing, farfisa tipping, tambourine tossing, and drink spilling, while effortlessly executing blaring ethereal guitar melodies, hypnotic bass lines, and shimmering vocal harmonies. With a strong fan-base already in New York City, as well as a growing internet following, each new live performance garners more ATG Army inductees.

All The Ghosts are currently recording new songs for their upcoming album and continue playing shows in and around NYC. “Self Medication” has been selected to appear in an upcoming episode of PBS’ Road Trip Nation, which should be airing later this year. Two of their songs have recently been remixed by several different artists (Alex Pearson, Spirit Photography) and can be heard on the band’s website. Their songs have also been played on FM radio stations (WXPL 91.3, CFMH 92.5) as well as internet Shoutcasts and Retroforward Radio. All The Ghosts are represented by SESAC, the performing rights organization.

All The Ghosts are not the candidates of choice for keeping weak acquaintances with any musical neo-new-wave or flavor of the month dance-rock/trance-rock trends, but they are certainly pioneering an already jagged and engaging style into a texture-rich wave of electric sound. Get ready!


Self Titled - EP 2003
Keys - EP 2005

Set List

1. Canary Diamonds
2. This Connection
3. Victim
4. Self Medication
5. Joonbugs
6. High School Reunions

The set runs approx. 45 minutes.