All The Good Strangers

All The Good Strangers

 Rockford, Illinois, USA

ATGS play a variety of songs with variety in themselves. Fluctuating dynamics, key changes & time signatures artfully build the foundation for memorable melodies, lyrics for both the brain & heart, & passionate performance. The sounds tell stories, craft moods & atmospheres populated by the listener


All The Good Strangers take influence from a wide scope. From grunge and alternative to ambient and electronic to punk rock to hardcore to math and progressive rock to classical and film scores to folk to pop. As well as religion, literature, and science to video games and pop culture.
Fans of the music know no bounds. Kids and teens to college students and young families to long-time music fans appreciate the raw yet intricate compositions the guys play.


(2012) The Ghost of David Bowie EP - 4 songs

Set List

we're happy playing sets from 25-60 minutes