All Their Eyes

All Their Eyes


All Their Eyes sheds genre labels, instead focusing on telling stories. The band employs rhythms that waltz gracefully or stutter through odd time, catchy pop hooks and harmonies sitting alongside grating dissonance, and an obsession with structure and flow to create music that is visual and vital.


Formed in 2006, All Their Eyes came together as a way to play music that was experimental but not all together unaccessible. After a few months of rehersal, the band quickly began booking shows on the strength of a hastily recorded three song demo.

After succesful performances at many of Cincinnati's best venues (The Southgate House, The Comet, The Madison Theatre, The Poison Room, et cetera) All Their Eyes started playing regionally in places like Chicago and Pittsburgh.

Around this time, the band began to shift its focus from playing in established venues to more non-traditional venues, such as house shows, benefits, and all ages shows. With the help of Loft Co., the larger musicians' collective the band is part of, All Their Eyes began creating their own opportunities by staging music festivals and house shows (the annual Turn Off The Radio series at Miami University and the annual Help Our City benefit series in Middletown.)

In late 2007, the band began work on its first full-length album, called Ghost City Census. Due out in June 2008, the album is a reflection of dark times-- a collection of stories about dying hometowns, exploding steel mills, and the general gloomy atmosphere surrounding post-boomtime America. However, threaded into this depressing backdrop, the band has written songs that burst with life, energy, and hope.

With the release of their first album right around the corner, All Their Eyes looks to bring its tight, energetic live show anywhere and everywhere, from full scale venues to basements.


Raw Diamonds E.P.
Ghost City Census (June 2008)