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Oakland, California, United States | SELF

Oakland, California, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Shift_2Nissan Battle of the Bands"

San Francisco Winner - 2007 -

"Great Music and crowd interaction"

"Great Music and Great Crowd Interaction. These guys know how to keep their fans happy while putting on one hell of a show. If you haven't seen them yet what are you waiting for???"

- Beach City, San Jose

"Top Unsigned Draw"

"People need to know who the top unsigned draw is in San Francisco- it's no contest. Hands down, it's KOI"

- Sean Healy Presents

"Local Guys"

LOCAL GUYS: Hey, All The New, sorry I let your record "New Horizon" sit around the desk so long. I promise, it wasn't because you addressed it to "Tim Hicks." I've often thought of changing my name to Tim, anyway.

One of two things generally happens when I don't respond to local bands that send stuff. Either it gets buried in a tall pile until the band, citing "creative differences," breaks up into five promising solo projects, or I don't much like it and don't see the point in being publicly critical of local people working hard to make it big. It's usually the former.

But ATN is good, with solid, melodic, chunky guitar rock that can suddenly ease its way off to what they call "Island rock alternative." I was impressed with the ease with which the styles morphed during "More Than a Holiday." It's a nice blend.

It's easy on the ears without being easy listening, if that makes any sense. It's also radio-friendly; especially "Debutante," and better than most of the stuff I get from labels that sometimes bury my local-band CDs.

- Tony Hicks, Contra Costa Times, June 20, 2003

- Contra Costa Times

"Battel of the Bands"

"All The New played next and are one of the few bands that I had already heard of. They definitely had a big following that was there to support them. It was awesome to see the crowd (mostly dancing girls) just eating these guys up, and the band was just feeding off of the crowd. The fans definitely knew the words, but ATN got a great response with their newer, funkier 311 sounding songs."

- Josh Santaga, Zero Magazine, October 10, 2003

- Zero Magazine

"Yes, Yes"

“All The New, a band from Walnut Creek, played out at the Bobby Love Summer Fest at the Sports Page in Mountain View. They have a cool sound...something they describe as Island Rock Alternative (two of the members came from Hawaii). The band has good stage presence and played a really good set. Keep an eye for them at a club near you.”

Would you go back?: “Yes” Would you refer it?: “Yes”

- Beach City – San Jose August, 8 2003
- Beach City Website


ATN’s songs are used for the DVD First Offense sound track

Won TOP BAND award for bay area television station TV-20.on the infamous Saturday night show "Creepy KOFY Movie Time" , or better known as CKMT.

Fan base more than quadrupled in the first 18 months of band existence

Song “Colder” used for “Blue Star Tattoo” TV commercial airing on MTV

Nissan Shift2Drive, San Francisco “Battle of the Bands” WINNER, 2007

Only unsigned band on the rotation at 90.5FM KVHS “The Edge”



New beginnings are a fact of life for San Francisco Bay Area rock quartet All The New. The alternative/progressive hard rock group has been forced to start over so many times that naming themselves All The New was the obvious choice.

All The New was originally born as KOI in 2003 with founding member/bassist E-Rich and drummer Jesse Alamillo. KOI enjoyed mild success through the early part of the 21st century with their music dominating the college circuit. Their hit song, "Colder," made the rounds in a MTV Blue Tattoo Television commercial along with one of their other popular songs “In Vain” and their entire “New Horizon” album was used for the 214 Productions Stunts DVD, their hit "One Reason" became the most requested song on KHVS 90.5FM The Edge. They enjoyed much success in the SF Bay Area selling out famous local clubs “Slim’s” several times. But all of this came to an end in 2005 when due to family issues their guitarist needed to relocate out of state and their singer fell to personal problems.

E-Rich and Alamillo met singer John Floyd and lead guitarist Cameron Woodruff in 2006 and created All The New from the ashes of KOI. The quartet quickly began working on a debut EP when tragedy in October forced everything to a grinding halt.

"Early that morning, a five alarm fire destroyed the building which we and 17 other musicians and artists used as rehearsal spaces," explains E-Rich. "Though some were able to save their gear and memories, our studio was hit with the worst, and we lost everything."

It would take nearly a full year before All The New was able to replace all its equipment and gear and start new (again). The group found a new studio, recorded a debut EP and...lost Woodruff. The boys knew that they would not settle for just any guitarist to replace Woodruff and thankfully, they met up fan Devin James, whose father's background and upbringing in the music industry made him the perfect fit.

The band has had just enough time to season their sound through live performances and their creative writing process. The new quartet has been playing out their tunes from Purity's Gone while Devin's new progressive edge and style has brought a chemistry that has them writing some of their greatest songs to date. The band spent 2012 recording their first full length record. They did a few occasional shows to stay up on their chops, as well as made a television appearance on the bay area TV show Creepy KOFY Movie Time. In fact, they did so well on this show, they won the Top Band Honors.
Their sound truly shows the depth of their collaboration and a directed passion in their work, and features a sound which they like explain as Alternative/Progressive/Rock that is equal part Dredg, Tool, Coheed & Cambria, meets Radiohead meets Muse. "We definitely like to get heavy in songs, but at the same time feel that it is a lot more dramatic to have a lot of dynamics, hypnotic rhythms, and ambient textures," says E-Rich.

With 2013 upon us, AtN will be releasing their first full length album, and look forward to create a national audience that is as receptive to their music as the one in the San Francisco Bay Area.