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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States | SELF

Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States | SELF
Band Pop Alternative


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"Official Press Release - The Monster I've Become"


Sometimes a new name and a little sonic revamping is all it takes for a talented indie band to get to the next level. Three years after Brandon Daly and Braden Ashworth met at Minnesota State University, Mankato and recorded three CDs as The Evermore Escape, they switched from acoustic to power pop/punk driven electric music and caught fire as All The Right Moves.

Living up to that fitting moniker, in 2008 the Twin Cities based group released a self titled debut produced by Jordan Schmidt (Quietdrive, Motion City Soundtrack, All Time Low). With regional spots on three Vans Warped Tours (2008-10), opening slots for hit bands Plain White T’s (at Journey’s Backyard BBQ), All Time Low, Mayday Parade and Hawthorne Heights and a growing Midwest-based following under their belt, the band fully embraces the cool side of The Monster I’ve Become—the title of their latest EP.

Though the blistering title track of the six track collection is actually about the crazy ways people are affected by intense relationships, All The Right Moves—whose lineup includes violinist Roman Wolfe and drummer Dustin Phillips—have been on a roll these past few years that finds them living up to the more positive metaphorical use of the term “Monster.” The same year they released their debut, the band won a highly competitive Battle of the Bands contest (sponsored by the local news channel Fox 9) and appeared in a long-running Pizza Hut commercial featuring their version of the famed “488-8888” jingle. All The Right Moves also hit’s Top 10 Best Selling Albums chart and began regional touring. They later did a larger national tour that included dates on the East Coast and in the Southeast. Other bands they’ve opened for include The Audition, Lucky Boys Confusion and Forever the Sickest Kids.

All The Right Moves’ national profile has increased since tracks from The Monster I’ve Become began receiving play on MTV’s “Real World: Las Vegas,” “Cutthroat Challenge,” E!’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and other shows. The EP has received a 4 out of 5 star rating from (a website that rarely gives high marks). Tracks include “You Always Bring Me Down,” whose lighthearted pop/rock vibe contrasts coolly with lyrics venting frustration about a difficult partner and lover; “Point of View,” featuring singer Ryan Wickard from the band Take Cover; and the power ballad “Learn to Love Again,” which is the EP’s “light at the end of the tunnel” redemption song after numerous tracks chronicling the frustrations of bad relationships. The songs highlight two elements that set All The Right Moves apart from most of today’s independent bands: the unique dual lead vocal approach by Daly and Ashworth, and Wolfe's violin parts, which along with Daly’s keyboard lines add a creative classical touch to the mix. That’s natural for these guys—Daly and Ashworth, both majoring in music business, met in a classical piano class.

Even as The Monster I’ve Become keeps the band’s momentum grooving, All The Right Moves is excited about the material they are currently working on for their next EP, due in early 2012. “We feel like we have grown immensely as a band, lyrically, instrumentally, everything,” says Daly. “Our lyrics are stronger, and more relatable and the storytelling is by-far the best we've ever created. We feel like the lyrics will really hit home with a lot of people. And the instrumentation is more mature- with an even greater emphasis on the violin and piano, giving our new music a more ‘orchestra edge.’ We've matured as people, and as songwriters, and we’re working on a batch of songs we like to call ‘situation songs.’ Each one is a story of its own.
We use a lot of ‘word painting’ in our instrumental parts to help paint a picture of the songs for the listener to follow. We’re excited to have more people hear The Monster I’ve Become, which will prepare them for this next step, a recap of our last 25 years of growth and learning. We couldn’t be more excited.” - Rainmaker Media

"All the Right Moves - The Monster I've Become EP - Album Review -"

"There's no doubt in my mind that this band is destined to do great things in the future, their self-titled debut EP had sold over 10, 000 copies between 2008 and 2009, so they are definitely doing something right. All the Right Moves are in it for all the right reasons and it would be a damn shame if they continued making music without a decent label to support them and help them gain even more success."

Reviewed by: aradiantsunrise (06/05/10)
All the Right Moves - The Monster I've Become EP
Record Label: Unsigned
Release Date: June 10, 2010


All the Right Moves are a five piece piano rock/powerpop band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Not just your typical piano rock/powerpop band, they like think outside of the box when it comes to their music and they even have a violinist to add to the sound that makes All the Right Moves stand out among other bands in the overcrowded genre. Need proof? Just give their newest EP The Monster I've Become a listen and find out for yourself.

How is it?

The Monster I've Become contains six tracks, each one with a different sound to it. Some dancey stuff, some quirky tunes, some piano driven ballads. Opener ''Point of View'' displays the band's sugary powerpop sound with the violin making an appearance instantly whilst the two vocalists sing their carefree, catchy lyrics to the listener. ''You Always Bring Me Down'' is a song you might think was taken from a musical, possibly a classic from the 40s or 50s (I honestly couldn't tell you, but that's the vibe I'm getting) that will end up having you sing along with a smile on your face. Tracks like ''Hurricane'' and the EP's closer ''Learn to Love Again'' are pretty piano ballads with soft singing and heartfelt relatable lyrics. ''Learn to Love Again'' seems to be about the obstacles life throws at you and trying to stay positive through them while turning bad times into good times.

There's no doubt in my mind that this band is destined to do great things in the future, their self-titled debut EP had sold over 10, 000 copies between 2008 and 2009, so they are definitely doing something right. All the Right Moves are in it for all the right reasons and it would be a damn shame if they continued making music without a decent label to support them and help them gain even more success. The Monster I've Become is indeed a monster (Think the fun Monsters Inc. ones, not the big ugly scary ones) and it will be sure to dominate my iTunes with all the plays it will be getting. Add this diamond in the rough to your collection and tell all your friends about it so it could dominate their iTunes plays as well, and then together we can spread the All the Right Moves love to the masses!

Recommended If You Like: The poppier/violin heavy side of Yellowcard, Valencia, The Cab, Capital Lights, getting down with your bad self

Author's Rating
Vocals 8.25
Musicianship 8.5
Lyrics 7
Production 8
Creativity 8.5
Lasting Value 7.25
Reviewer Tilt 8.25

Final Verdict: 80%
Member Ratings

Vocals 8.25
Musicianship 8.5
Lyrics 6.5
Production 7.42
Creativity 7.83
Lasting Value 7.33
Reviewer Tilt 7.33

Average: 76%
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- AbsolutePunk

"All The Right Moves – The Monster I’ve Become EP – Review"

All The Right Moves – The Monster I’ve Become EP – Review
By Pernell Fowler // Music Reviews // No Comments

Their story begins like many others — meeting in college and sharing a similar appreciation for music, then forming a band and relishing every moment of the humble beginnings, endless touring, and independent releases. Such is the life of Brandon Daly and Braden Ashworth,who created the acoustic/pop rock outfit, All The Right Moves, after both majoring in music business, writing a few efforts together, and eventually bringing on violinist Roman Wolfe and drummer Dustin Phillips to complete the newly solidified four-piece bands roster. Looking to record and a release a new full-length in 2012, the band first sought to wet their listener’s whistles with a short and sweet EP, thus we have “The Monster I’ve Become.”
From the first listen of the EP opener “Point Of View” which features Take Cover‘s vocalist Ryan Wickard, it really was no surprise that All The Right Moves has had singles played on TV shows like The Real World and Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and toured with popular bands liked Plain White T’s, All Time Low, Mayday Parade and Hawthorne Heights, because their brand of pop rock is simply incredibly catchy and induces a fever of never-ending head bobbing. But it isn’t until the second track “You Always Bring Me Down” that we get the true bench mark for the bands penchant for backing violins, harmonized vocal layering, and quirky piano-aided rock. Sure it feels like a mixture of a softer Yellowcard and The Summer Set, but it never retraces their steps, rather it uses the same musical map.

Lyrically, All The Right Moves write odes of past love, regretful relationships, and eventual happiness, choosing to not stray far from those subjects. The bands hooky verses and repeating choruses make for memorable one-liners, such as “Point Of View“‘s “Do you feel like everything you do just opens a door that’ll make things worse? Does it seem like even if you try the moral of the story goes and pisses him off?,” while the melody-filled dual vocals never falter and often shine brighter than most of the instrumentation on the record (except on the theatrical ”You Always Bring Me Down”). ”Hurricane” has some slightly awkward similes, “I’m as lonely as the blind man, who has lost his sense of sound. I’m as desperate as the poor man, who finds his dinner on the ground,” but the pleasant pianos, tear-jerking strings, and lightly strummed guitars make up for the quirky verses.

This well-ventured, 20 minute EP is one of the most addictive pop rock efforts I’ve heard in a long while. It’ll catch the attention of Yellowcard and pop rock fans almost immediately, leaving others to stay oblivious to an unknown but still very catchy band. If you have a free afternoon, “The Monster I’ve Become EP” will keep you in a cheerful mood, while sustaining you until we get a full-length filled with more sugar-sweet violins and memorable maturing pop rock.
- So, Bring On Mixed Reviews

"All The Right Moves, The Monster I’ve Become - Skope Entertainment"

All The Right Moves, The Monster I’ve Become
October 19, 2011 | by Skope

Get ready for All The Right Moves hailing from the Twin Cities as they strategically take one step at a time toward bigger & better things. The Minnesota band has just released a 6-track EP called ‘The Monster I’ve Become’ that offers plenty of energy, catchy songs and worthwhile lyrics. The group is made up of five members: Brandon Daly on vocals, keys & guitar, Braden Ashworth on vocals & guitars, Roman Wolfe on violin, Adam Sisler on bass and Dustin Phillips on drums. Trying to make all the correct maneuvers while turning into this non-threatening & positive “Monster” is what it’s all about, so let’s get into this!

This group’s style is in the power pop ‘n’ rock realm with nicely executed vocal harmonies in place. The violin really adds a unique touch to the overall sound so I would say that was a perfect choice. Right from the start on “Point of View”, which features singer Ryan Wickard from the group Take Cover, you’re getting fast & punchy playing. As the EP plays along you realize that All The Right Moves has come up with songs that can easily get stuck in your head. You’re hearing radio-friendly tunes all the way that matches up well with Today’s so-called ‘Popular’ music.

I do have to say that lyrically, vocally and instrumentally All The Right Moves are on point. Also, I’d like to add that many people have tagged this band as having a Punk influence but sorry to say I’m not getting that at all. They’re a rock’em/sock’em group with Pop hooks that will start to grow on you. Songs off of ‘The Monster I’ve Become’ are already getting major attention by being played on shows such as: MTV’s “Real World: Las Vegas,” “Cutthroat Challenge” and E!’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”. It’s all about being smart in today’s world so check out All The Right Moves to decide for yourself if they are heading in the right direction.

By Jimmy Rae (

- Skope Entertainment

"AW Music review of the All The Right Moves Self-titled EP"

"All The Right Moves delivers an onslaught of high energy and affectionate powerpop tracks. The consistent flow of music is overwhelming as the band orchestrates some of the finest melodies I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying."

All The Right Moves – Self-titled EP
2 December 2008, Joe @ 5:00 pm

Formerly The Evermore Escape, All The Right Moves is easily one of the hottest unsigned bands from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Admittedly unaware of their former entity, I found the newly named band held nothing back to birth an excellent EP in what has become a great year for powerpop. This self-titled album consists of six undeniably catchy but emotionally driven tracks, which are fun, somewhat cliché, but never boring.

All The Right Moves delivers an onslaught of high energy and affectionate powerpop tracks. The consistent flow of music is overwhelming as the band orchestrates some of the finest melodies I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying. With a combination of the usual instruments and the addition of keys and violin, the resulting beats are right up my alley. Vibrant songs composed of synthetic and authentic sounds deliver a highly entertaining EP. On top of the well regarded instrumentals, the dual vocals work brilliantly to compete with the pace of the melody. The vocals also convey the passion that makes this album meaningful, despite the lyrics targeted for a younger crowd.

Mona Lisa is action packed and unleashes all the elements I’ve mentioned. The vocals begin just one second into the track, and from then on listeners are treated to a heavy dose of riveting powerpop. The keys scream excitement, and the violin is nothing short of awesome in this song that delivers on all accounts. ATRM puts an exclamation mark on the pop community with their passionately fun style. The vocals in this track are classically written so listeners may feel compelled to sing along to very cliché but easily catchy lyrics.

Mona Lisa is followed by Wasted Youth which begins with a very fun piano riff to create another happy pop sound. The vocals sounded very sharp during the verses and I was pleased with the delivery throughout the track. The lyrics weren’t exactly some of the most original or clever, but the words definitely set the mood. A mixture of sad lyrics and an optimistic tune, made for a hopeful scenery which was pleasant to say the least, a nice change up in tone.

Next is The Impatient, The Imperfect, The Impossible, possibly my favourite track off this EP. Easily the most emotionally driven song it has compelling vocals and a graceful violin melody. What makes this song extra special is the feature vocals of Dane from Jamestown Story. Dane specializes in sombre acoustic ballads, and the lending of his voice put this track in the right direction. Although soft in nature, it’s still very lively with wickedly exciting violin, great backing vocals and capped by a nice drum line, truly epic.

Wildfire speeds things up again with the delivery of fast paced vocals, line after line to tell the classic teenage tale. The vocals are what make this track unique, overtop a collaboration of energetic instruments. Probably not the best track off the EP, it is however an attempt into something different by sounding slightly ska, and I mean very slight.

Dancer brings things back to normal with another fantastic powerpop song that leans more towards the upbeat aspect to their game. An array of powerpop sounds and a catchy set of lyrics makes Dancer the last cheery track on the album. The concluding song is Pretend, which delves away from the upbeat and goes right back into the emotional. Pretend is the perfect ending track being soft enough to set the mood but live enough to create an epic finish. An amazing EP from start to finish, it’s a mystery how All The Right Moves is unsigned, but I’m sure whenever they want to make it big, they will. Till then, I’ll be here waiting for them to make their next move.

- AW Music

"Substream Magazine - Featured Band"

"These guys have some serious musical chops. There are decades of musical training amongst them and it's evident in their songs. Combining infectious pop hooks with tight vocal harmonies and melodious piano and violin riffs, ATRM manages to add their own orchestral edge to their pop/punk sound. The end result is meaningful lyrics with melodies in a distinctly different style that just makes you want to dance."

- Substream Magazine, Issue 18, Article by Tiffany Wilhelm


All The Right Moves - (Self-titled) EP: Released 11/11/2008
All The Right Moves - "Unplugged" : Released 04/22/2009
All The Right Moves - "The Monster I've Become" EP : Released 06/10/2011
All The Right Moves - "When Your Compass Breaks" LP: Release Date TBD 2012.



All The Right Moves is a 5-piece pop/punk alternative rock band from Minneapolis, MN that highly infuses the elements of piano, violin, and three-part vocal harmonies in their music. With members that have been jamming together for over 6 years, the band's had a long journey, and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon.

In 2008, All The Right Moves released their debut self-titled EP (Produced by Jordan Schmidt- who also recorded Quietdrive, Motion City Soundtrack, All Time Low). That year they also wrote a jingle and starred in their own rendition of the famous "488-8888" Pizza Hut Jingle Commercial as part of the "Fox 9 Battle of the Bands" Winning Prize. The band has played select dates on Warped Tour for three consecutive years, they've toured the country, sold over 20,000 units, hit the Top 10 Best Selling Albums Charts, and has had the opportunity to open for national & global acts such as All Time Low, Plain White T's, Mayday Parade, The Audition, Lucky Boys Confusion, Forever the Sickest Kids, Rookie of the Year, Quietdrive and more...

In June of 2010, All The Right Moves released their second EP release, "The Monster I've Become" , which has gained notoriety from having songs played on MTV's Real World: Las Vegas, Cutthroat Challenge, E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and more. It's gotten 4 out of 5 star ratings on and the band hasn''t slowed down since. "This is only the beginning", states singer/songwriter Brandon Daly, "because in our eyes, nothing is better than doing what we love".

In Summer of 2011, All The Right Moves took home the trophy as the winners of the Journey's Battle of the Bands contest; an event which landed them a Converse shoe sponsorship, ONE Condoms sponsorship, CCP Drums sponsorship, and an opening slot with Plain White T's.

The band hit the studio this past October 2011 with producer, and ex-guitar player of Hidden In Plain View, Rob Freeman (who also recorded Hit The Lights, Gym Clas Heroes, Cobra Starship) to record their fourth release (their debut LP), entitled "When Your Compass Breaks" coming out sometime this Spring!

With a new LP release on its way, and a featured song in the soundtrack of an upcoming film, "Pirahna 3DD" (New Line Cinema), 2012 looks like its going to be quite a bright year for All The Right Moves.