All the Saints

All the Saints


Heavy trashy psychedelic grunge album rock with attention to melody.


We are All The Saints: Heavy-melodic-psychedelic-trashed-album rock meant to be seen live. Spawned from Alabama transplanted to ATL by the way of chance and a little bit of hope. Here is what some say about us:

"Heavy psychedelic traffickers" - Creative Loafing, Atlanta, GA

"For a three-piece, All the Saints sure make a hell of a lot of noise." - Atlanta Music Guide

"Simply put, they're loud and they rocked the joint."

"Driving, psychedelic-influenced rock...[relying] less on hype and more on substance" -

"I was completely blown away by what I was hearing. I was even more blown away when I noticed that this band was from Atlanta. Where in the HELL has this band been hiding and why don't I know about them yet?" -

In their short existence they've shared stages with the Rapture, the Black Lips, Deerhunter, Snowden, Dead Confederate, Wolfmother, the Hiss and Sovus Radio. They are playing SXSW 2007.

Self-released self-titled EP released in Jan 2007. Full length (produced by Ben H. Allen at Nickle and Dime studio) due in the fall 2007. Looking forward to you looking at them.


Wall Purchase

Written By: brown/lambert

sweet sweets just trust me a princess you know won't follow us home screen screen all hes seen confused by the foe im stuck in my soul im stuck with my soul brief breed stalled retreats i left us alone im not changed in my mind please please raise your face as you speak just do as your told im not changed in my mind cover your ears

fire on corridor x

Written By: brown/lambert

safely in our cells we paint or virgin scene im not in control of my own if you let the robbers in the thieves will come clean youll find your little pieces arent thrones
he said

dont believe youll carry everything to the chain the aisle aint overgrown if you take the pieces to the chiefs and the priests youll find your little pieces are stones he said

would you
would you stay and choke


Self-released self-titled demo in January 2007.

Full length will be available fall 2007.

Set List

Usually 7-9 songs over a 40-50 minute set with no covers.

Songs include Regal Regalia, Sheffield, Fire on Corridor X, Outs, Wall Purchase, Papering Fix.