All These Runners

All These Runners

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Epic in mind, pop at heart. American Rock by American boys.


In the past several years, All These Runners have grown up together, as friends and bandmates. Throughout this time, they've spent countless hours writing music, playing music, obsessing over music, arguing about music, and ultimately enjoying music. Because they like music. And each other. The band has served as a creative outlet, but more importantly, as an excuse to just hang out. The members (Rusty Edlund, Tony Hunt, and John Kim) have relied on each other's musical tastes as much as their abilities as friends.

Still, over these past years, All These Runners have tried their best to musically evolve, to push themselves and craft and fine-tune a sound that's wholly their own. This process has been chronicled in an EP, two LPs (one of which is soon to be released), and a graveyard littered with scrapped ideas. The finished products are a cocktail of musical influences: one part post-rock, one part 80s art-pop, and two parts Rock (with a capital R). These songs may occasionally challenge the listener, because the band likes to challenge themselves, and share this experience with others. Hopefully, there's some solid hook, something the listener can really grab onto, and pull themselves toward the heart of the song.

Combining pop sensibilities, artful soul, and good ol' fashion Rock, All These Runners hope to vault themselves into the pantheon of Indie Rock gods.


Bananafish EP (self-released)
Rise Run Fall Sleep LP (self-released) (bandcamp)
Vacations Days (forthcoming album)

Set List

Vacation Days
Heart Attack
Maybe One Day
In The Water
The Kill
Way You Move
Various Other New Material

Could play 50 mins to an hour